Agora,a epopeya

in CineTVlast month



Director Alejandro Amenábar crafted a true epic for the ages with Agora, a riveting historical saga that stirred me on an intellectual and emotional level.

Rachel Weisz gives perhaps her finest performance as Hypatia, the renowned mathematician, philosopher and teacher and beacon of wisdom in a darkening world.

Set against the turbulent declines of the Roman Empire and rise of mob-ruled Christian orthodoxy, it showcases a pivotal juncture when reason was replaced by rage.



Shockingly well-researched in its intricate historical details and populated with fully inhabited characters, Agora is indeed a feast for the mind.

But Amenábar ensures it is also a profound cinematic experience, with sweeping vistas and action set pieces filmed with gripping grandeur by DP John Mathieson.

Weisz, Max Minghella and Oscar Isaac rise to the challenges of their complex roles, imbuing heroic gravitas against ominous backdrops.

The violent third act climax left me shaken to my core at the monstrosities men commit when logic dies. Amenábar pulls no punches with his message.



Agora is a true epic for the ages - one that will and should endure forever more as a paean to reason, free thought and our shared humanity. A modern masterwork.