My opinion about the movie "Waterloo"

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The film "Waterloo", produced by Dino De Laurentis under the production of Sergei Bondarchuk, paints a painful but necessary picture.

It is a stark portrayal of the harshness of war and its devastating consequences.

It takes us into the hell experienced by the soldiers during the bloody battle, where they had to face death face to face.

It lets us feel their fear, their courage, their suffering. And also, the fragile beauty of life, when in the midst of chaos you can find eyes that support the soul.



But beyond weapons and strategies, this film is a plea against violence and in favour of peace.

It reminds us that behind every uniform, there is a noble and dignified human being, that war only leaves pain, and that the future belongs to those who choose to build bridges instead of fortresses.

Undoubtedly, it is a moving film, which challenges us with its rawness. And, above all, it urges us to cherish each day of tranquillity, and to strive to leave a world with fewer tears and more embraces between peoples.



War leave pains, no man should associates with it, the movie has a lesson, that enlighten us a lot about life, that being happy is superb for us.

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