Out for Justice, the deficiency of justice

in CineTVlast month



While it is best not to rate films with questionable subject matter, I think Out for Justice offers some food for thought on social issues.

Directed by John Flynn, it stars Steven Seagal as a police officer seeking revenge against a corrupt colleague.

Like Bruce Willis' Death Wish series, it examines society's complex relationship with the law and violence.

While it arguably exploits vigilante fantasies, Seagal's character's rage against a system that fails victims is understandable.



Gena Rowlands brings nuance as his confidante, and her scenes poignantly explore the blurred lines of justice.

Cinematographer James M. Glenn brings a stark aesthetic that suits the rawness of the subject matter. However, some graphic scenes run the risk of normalising retaliation over due process.

Overall, though it contains problematic elements, Out for Justice forces one to examine why some are more sympathetic to law enforcement than to the law.

Perhaps it serves as a warning against dismantling systems, however flawed, without solutions, lest chaos prevail.



While not a masterpiece from a technical point of view, it raises valid questions about the shortcomings of justice that are worth debating today.

Its social commentary remains relevant, even if its approach remains questionable.