Room, one of the finest and most powerful portraits of the human spirit

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With Room, Lenny Abrahamson has created an unforgettable and heartbreaking masterpiece that will undoubtedly stand the test of time.

Brie Larson gives the performance of her career as a mother who endures the most horrible circumstances, but finds beauty and joy through her young son.

Jacob Tremblay, in his second role, is simply stunning in his nuanced portrayal of their son: you believe every moment of their deeply moving bond.



Shot with raw intimacy by cinematographer Danny Cohen, it places the viewer inside that confined space to share his perspective.

What happens when his incarceration ends and his rehabilitation into the real world begins is simply fascinating: so many emotions in one.

Abrahamson directs his characters with great care and understanding, drawing superb work from his entire cast. They hurt.



Both Larson and Tremblay richly deserved their Oscars. A triumph of human resilience and the unwavering power of love between a mother and child.

Room will shake you to the core and stick with you as one of the finest and most affecting portraits of the human spirit ever brought to the screen. A must see.


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