Minamata, a moving film

in CineTV8 months ago



It touches us by intimately portraying the real suffering of the victims of an environmental tragedy.

Through Eugene Smith's eyes, we feel his commitment to give a voice to the voiceless.

His gaze humanises the catastrophe by putting faces, stories and emotions to each person affected, from the helplessness of those who were sickened, to the full dignity of those who fought tirelessly for justice.



Beyond a story of the past, this film is moving in the timelessness of its message.

It reminds us how fragile we humans are in the face of disasters of our own making and how crucial it is to speak out before it is too late, as Smith did from his committed lens.

Undoubtedly, "Minamata" shocks us with its stark reality and its ability to capture human fortitude in the face of adversity.



A film that will remain in many hearts for its masterful portrayal of the strength of the unbending spirit even in the darkest hours.