Mountain a beautiful documentary

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With profound and poetic texts and beautiful photography.

Directed by Australian Jennifer Peendom.

The documentary is about the profound relationship between man and the mountain.

Here are excerpts from some of the texts I wrote down when I saw it. I didn't want to keep the desire to do so:

"Mountains are wild and ungovernable.



This is the source of their danger and also the source of their attraction.

...the search for the unknown keeps calling us....

To go to the high peaks is to cross the threshold...And the sensations are amplified by passion...

Mountains are much more than a challenge...or an adversary to be defeated...mountains reveal our insignificance...

The mountains were already here long before we existed. They saw us come. And they will see us go...

They do not make the waves of water but the waves of stone. And from these waves of stone flows life.

To be in the mountains enlivens our capacity for wonder...



When you reach the ground from the high peaks you can feel like a stranger, because of the experiences that go beyond words and are priceless.

Time overtakes you but leaves behind its shadow.

The mountains are not looking for our love or our deaths. They want nothing from us, and yet they change the ways we see ourselves. They mould our spirits, challenge our arrogance, restore our capacity for wonder.

More than ever we need their savagery...".