Run Boy Run, a drama based on the real events

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A drama based on the real events of the Holocaust and the Second World War.

In 1942, eight-year-old Srulik escapes from the Warsaw ghetto. At first he tries to survive alone in the forest and later on a Polish farm as a Christian orphan named Jurek.

During his ordeal, his Jewish identity was in danger of being lost?

The dichotomy between "human nature is evil" (proposed by Niccolo Machiavelli) and "human nature is good" (advocated by Jean-Jacques Rousseau) is reflected in the films "The White Ribbon" and this one, both of which deal with the same thing: the plight of orphans in a country engulfed in World War II.



The difference lies in how humanity is portrayed: in "The White Ribbon" it is exposed to a selfish, cruel and violent society, while in this one it is exposed to a caring, noble, generous and willing society. Interestingly, the two dichotomous positions do not in the least affect the fate of the child protagonists in either film, as both experience the horrors and hardships of war.

Both films are highly recommendable, with beautiful cinematography, unacceptable performances by their child protagonists and a message that cannot be ignored: in any war, children will always be victims of the ambitions of power. adults.