1984 (1984) .:. No Spoilers Series #2

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Hey movie peeps! Long time, no see... 😃 I was watching a couple of great movies lately, but, unfortunately, didn't have time to write a post about them... But, I couldn't skip this one as the whole idea/point of this movie/book had a huge impact on my life lately... As my friend said to me once "you have problems with authorities", this movie explains perfectly why I'm (and probably many of you) like that... :)

Sorry in advance, but I have to leave a personal note on this blog... I wanted to read this book a long time ago, but somehow, I didn't manage to get my hand on it... Sounds weird and strange, but when I was checking to buy it online, it was out of stock... I went to the local library, and they didn't have it at all... In the end, I found the previous book by George Orwell, Animal Farm which gave me a "general idea" of his thoughts and writing... Oh, and just a reminder... The book is published in 1949!!!

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When my son said that he wants to watch the movie 1984, I got aware that the movie exists! lol... I had no idea that there is a movie! All this raises some red flags in my "conspiracy theory" brain about the fact that this movie and the book are somehow, deliberately "out of stock", or better said, "out of sight"... George Orwell said that he got the inspiration for the book from Hitler's Nazi Germany, and Stalin, but I would say that he has some other countries and societies on his mind...

I'm not sure that I should post this post in the CINE community as it is more than just a movie... The movie is directed by Michael Radford, and in the main roles, we can see John Hurt, Richard Burton, and Suzanna Hamilton... I found it interesting that we can see John Hurt in this movie as a "small citizen" role where he is the person who is bullied, and tortured by the system... On the other side, 20 years later, he was in the movie V for Vendetta in a role of a cruel dictator... Great actor!

I don't want to write a lot about the plot of the movie, but I suppose that most of you already know about the book (or the movie itself)... The "ordinary man" who is living in dystopian, totalitarian society work in a "news factory", rewriting history to be suitable to the system... Knowing that it's not what he wants in his life, he rebels against the system by falling in love... But... Big Brother is always watching...

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In conclusion, I have to reflect on my son's reaction after watching the movie as it is somehow a "typical" behavior and understanding of things... He is sixteen and he has lack "life experience", and his main reaction was how the movie represents the societies in other countries, like Russia or China... Can you blame him for that kind of thinking?

Did you notice when you turn on a TV and watch the news, most of the problems are OUTSIDE the country where you live... It's always a problem in THEM, not in US... They live in poverty, they don't have democracy, they don't have freedom of speech, they don't have legal rights, etc... But in OUR COUNTRY, we have freedoms (being locked up for 2 months), we have justice (SBF is still free to give interviews), we have freedom of speech (but can't speak about certain things at certain times), etc...

Yes, most things in the movie are exaggerated, but that is done on purpose so that people easier understand the point... In real life, you can't see things that clearly as they aren't black or white... But these things EXIST and to think that it's impossible to be the truth is naive... Of course, you can call me a conspiracy theorist, but the present and the future are already proving these things...

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Just one thought for the end... Imagine how citizens of Germany were manipulated before (and during) WWII to think that they are superior, that others want to ruin their "style of living", their values... And in those times there was no TV, no Internet... Some houses had a radio and that's it... What do you think MSM propaganda can do today with all those controlled media sources?

For the end, just a couple of famous quotes from the movie/book taken from IMDB:

If you want a vision of the future, Winston, imagine a boot stamping on a human face forever.

The Law of Gravity is nonsense. No such law exists. If I think I float, and you think I float, then it happens.

Power is tearing human minds apart and putting them back together in new shapes of your own choosing.

Take a look at the original trailer for the movie, or not, if you don't want to see ANY spoilers... :)

Thank you for your valuable time,



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1984 was the book my mum bought me as a gift and as far as I recall it was the first book gift I ever got. What a start eh? 🙂

Indeed! Your mom rocks! :) I hope she didn't buy it when you were like 6, as that would be way too early for a book like that... 😃


Thanks man, I was indeed too small to fully dig it though.

I didn't watch this movie despite of reading the book

I suppose that the book is better, so don't worry if you didn't watch the movie :)


It was a required read, and I guess the message was "this is what happened..."

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It's amazing how this book/movie is, and will be, actual for many years to come... I suppose that we, humans, are the main reason for that... Maybe we can change, but it will need a lot of time and "collective" effort...



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