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2022 has been the year of grandpas. A good number of movies featuring aged characters have surpassed my expectation so far and hopefully, will do in the coming years as well. The wise saying “Old is Gold” is still dominant with the thematic message it implies.

Following the sequel of 2022’s movies of boomers, here comes Nobody. Many may argue 60 years old Bob Odenkirk is not old yet, which I agree, but it’s fairly a good age to demonstrate such an action-packed performance identical to John Wick.

So, as you already can sense, Nobody is full of actions, and thrills, and don’t be surprised if you find the presence of family relationships being held above all. Yes, the sensible cast along with masterful direction put the viewers at the edge of their seats from the very beginning to the end where a conversation between the main artist and his father goes as—

— You brought a lot of shotguns.
— Well, you brought a lot of Russians.


Although those are from the ending scene, they give us a good summary of what the movie was all about— mafia, crime, violence, and lots of dead body. And when our hero came victorious after a heavy gunfight, this is what lightens the mood—

— Dad, you look like sh*t.
— You should see the other guys.

Can you sense the fun underneath the action that just took place? If you are not, please watch it. Although I don’t think many of us skipped this movie or it slipped through our eyes, the movie deserves repeated watching. So, do it.

If you need a quick reminder of the actions that took place in the movie, just watch the trailer then. That fighting scene on the bus with some Russian dogs will propel your instinct to play the movie once again. Maybe I am praising it more than necessary. If that’s so, then I must say I am excited to find it. A good alternative to John Wick with a little exception where the featured star takes on some beating, unlike John Wick. He is not above weakness and sometimes fails to control his emotion, especially anger. And when the wrath unleashes, the movie turns red. Red as in blood.

the iconic fighting scene on the bus
SS from the movie

I had high hope for this movie right from when I watched the trailer on YT. Although I am late to the party, still, every movie is a new movie unless they are discovered earlier, right?

The characters did their job well, and so is the director and scriptwriter— a good combination of action, romance, family bonding, and a satisfactory ending except for the unusual representation of the Russian mafia as a weak entity with lots of guns and no brains at all. However, you don’t need that when you are going to die. Or is it? Find it out yourself.


It looks like an interesting movie thanks for sharing


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