Life Is Beautiful (1997)

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As an audience what do you demand from a movie? Before watching a movie you might demand there should have a comedy scene or you might ask for a romantic scene, you select a movie to watch based on your choice. First of all, I would like to ask you a question here, why do you watch movies? You watch movies to get entertained, don't you? I strongly believe, that before watching a movie our prime priority is to entertain our souls. After watching the movie I have felt that it has a compact package of entertainment where you find comedy scenes, happy scenes, romantic & loving scenes and tragedy scenes altogether. In Fact, you can feel every kind of emotional feeling while watching the movie.

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Life is beautiful when you are in love, life is beautiful when you are well prepared to sacrifice everything just because of having the safety of your family. Life is beautiful, love is beautiful & caring for the family is beautiful as well. But getting the love is not that easy. It's quite tough proving your love in front of your loved one, it's actually so tough to get the trust of your loved one.

At the very beginning of the movie, It starts with a very comedy scene. The main character of the movie was Guido. He was just going to his uncle's home with one of his friends. While driving the car, it lost its balance and in the midway, it broke down. His friend started to repair the car, in the meantime, he started looking over the place. All of a sudden, he saw a farm near the place and he went there to visit. At the time of talking a lady worker at the place he noticed a beautiful princess, named Dora(she was the heroine of the movie) was falling over a place immediately he caught her and that way the story begun and their love story had started.

To prove his love he had to go through a couple of unbearable situations. He faced every situation very bravely and ultimately he got the Princess as his life partner and he had a great happy family with a son. How a dad protects his family while watching the movie you will understand. A man or a dad can bear unbearable pain and can go through any situation just to make safe his family members. Even though a dad never thinks twice to face the extreme level of danger to save his son.

Guido played a couple of roles very neatly, first of all, he played an extreme level of comedy in the movie. By performing the role he impressed the princess and their loving story had been going on. Secondly, the loving role performed by him quite impressed me. Because the Princess's engagement was almost done by using his intellectuality he got her in his life that part was very interesting to watch.

And lastly, there had a lesson on how a father should treat his son. Be friendly with the son, support the son in any kind of situation and not make him fear anything because dad is always here to protect you. This was a great feeling, I got a great lesson from the last part of the movie. It was really heart-touching scene, but a deep lesson of life was hidden in it.

Overall, I would say the movie was worth remembering because It has some deep lessons about life. I would have recommended you, each and everybody to watch the movie if you haven't watched it yet. I would rate the movie analysing all the emotions, 9 out of 10. And it's a must was movie if anyone tells me to suggest a movie because it's mixed with all kinds of emotions.

Happy Watching!


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It is a very interesting movie! I watched it and it is very touching!
Thanks for bringing it

You are welcome.


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Thank you :)

I saw Life is Beautiful when it was initially released, with English subtitles. This movie won three Academy Awards (including best Foreign Language Film) and nominated for four other films (including Best Picture, but did not win). It is a great film to watch, very tragic at times. Well worth seeing.

Yes, go, watch and don't forget to share your experience :)