Army of the Dead movie review and analysis.

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Its about time That I sit back and relax and see some no non sense but exquisitely executed action sequences. Army of The Dead directed by Zack Snyder is a film that was announced as an idea to the public in 2007. after several production hassles and more or less the idea of falling in the production houses of Universal and Warner Brothers.

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Snyder thought of revisiting the idea. But this time Netflix came into the field to purchase the distribution rights of the film. For all of you who know Zack Snyder is the man who adapts graphic novels and has been a part of the DCU , you love his films as a creator and the world he transports you to. But its important to note that Army of The Dead is not far away from Snyders Wheelhouse. It is probably what he is most fimiliar with as he made his directional debut in 2004 with a zombie oriented movie named Dawn of The Dead. Which I clearly remember brought shivers down my spine.

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Army of the Dead focusing on zombies causing absolute destruction in Las Vegas. Leading to Military intervention and quarantining the City in order to restrict the mobility of those Zombies. The Government planned to eliminate the zombies through a nuclear. Strategically a casino met Scot Ward a former mercenary played by Dave Bautista and offers him 50 million Dollars in exchange for stealing 200 million from the Las Vegas strip before the city blown up. The task force that is assembled the mission at hand and whether the team can get out of the city within a 32- hour before The Las Vegas becomes a absolute dust. They have scary zombies in thier way who are organized as any capable combat.

Here I will tell you the good and bad aspects of the film

The insufficient aspects

The length:

The film close to 2 hours and 30 minutes long. But this is a 2 side debate whether or not people feel that the running time was justified. See from a storytelling perspective, the film's goal is very clear, to explore whether the hiest in a Zombie filled city will be successful or not. I think this is an aspect of Zack Snyder That you more or less are signing up for. He loves his world so he explores it both visually and through his characters. Sometimes driving the core focus as well. Ride or die fans of Snyder's filmography will be unfazed with the running time. But I analytically
Understand how 15-20 minutes of the film could have easily been chopped off. I mean I am a fan, I wasn't even fazed by the four hour running time of the Snyder cut of Justice league and I finished it without taking a break.

Hacky dialogues, treatment and politics:

I would be hypocrite to allow the suspension of disbelief in a movie like army or the dead while not setting the same standard when I watch commercial Indian films. I have seen a trend of Bangladeshi viewers who are willing to accept jarring problem of some international projects. While being highly being critical of the same in Bollywood movies. I mean, I understand that Godzilla vs Kong was epic for its scale and vision making it a blast to watch on a theatre. But you also have kids entering highly secured facilities in the same film, as if its someones playground. its silly fun right? But why are people scared to call out the aspects of these international bi scale projects. For me Army of the Dead is very emotionally distant. its biggest selling points are its technical features. which I will come to later. The most uncomfortable aspect of this film probably is the writing for me several moments of funny dialogues are actually just come across as odd and generic. Dialogues like "Easy Peasy Japanese" or discussion of grilled cheese sandwiches or tuff rolls don't really generate any form of laughter. I get it that intention to be silly while the fear around the characters. But I don't remember laughing at any point in this film. While the film checks the box of inclusivity with diverse cast. It does resort to integrating commentary of the current state of United State of America, Both socially and politically. This often comes across as forced rather than a back and forth between characters that flows naturally. From the abuse of power and the lack of freedom and intensity of violence in America. All of these aspects are hides upon. Even if you are a fan of Snyder like me you have to call it out as it is.

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The Good

I am obsessed with the soundtracks and opening sequences when it comes to Zack Snyder film. His posisioning of the music and visuals are the best portions for a fanboy. I still get goosebumps thinking about when king leaonidas announced that he was worthy of being king, ahh! that sequence I will never forget it. Also the opening credit of underrated film Watchmen. As the times they are changing composed by Bob Dylan plays in the background. There is a beautiful contrast of music and visuals full of fear that exist in Army of The Dead. From Elvis Presley's Viva Las Vegas while zombies were creating havoc all over the city. I absolutely fell in love with the opening sequences, soundtrack, Cinematography and special effects. Zack Snyder is more or less doing every major ploting for this film. He is the Director, Writer and Cinematographer. He also created the screenplay and my god this film is Visually spectacular. The Areal wide shots of the city that has basically become runes really captured my attention. You may find some individual shots a little uncomfortable in this film. It is like a completely blown out blurry effect where the background blurred out totally. But this effect is not inevitable in form of other shots.

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I think that the makeup department especially needs be complimented how they have mange to design the zombies. They are uniquely creative as there are so many zombie films that it can litterally mimic. what I love about the opposition in this case is that there is a sort of hierarchy and organization to zombies that otherwise doesn't exist in movies or series. mostly they are waving their arms around and walking slowly. where it is in this case it was organized unit lead by its Alphas. I mean to say that they have a social behaviour like us human.

Dave Bautista. While there are moments where the cast does shine. Even Omari Hardwick had some badass moments. It is without doubt that Dave Bautistakeeps this this film in a flow. Some of the characters are gimmicky and over the top. Like the German who keeps shouting "Scheizer", you know because he is German. But **Scott Ward played by Bautista" is probably one of the most jaw dropping character in this film. We also have Huma Qureshi in this film. She is good but in sake of nationalism I can't lie.
You know a lot of people only assume that Dave Bautista to be either the guy we love to see do the Bautista Bomb in WWE, or Drax from Guardian of the Galaxy. But you would surprise to to notice just the range the actor holds. He trough an emotionally distant film like **Army of The Dead. But still convincingly showcases a vulnerable side. I won't hesitate to declare him as the Hero of the film.

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Gruesome and unexpected action and twists. I will not lie in admitting that I had my jaw dropped in several moments from this film. See I am the kid who is a fanboy of Mortal Kombat. In my play through I was always waiting for the fatalities and brutalities. The bloodier, brutal it was more stunned I am. Army of The Dead in exception. It was brutal, blood and gore. So it is the wish of anyone of wanting a no-nonsense R-rated action film coming true. What is brilliant that the action is gruesome but unexpected as well. in moments reminding me of my reaction when I saw Red wedding in Game of Thrones. This film has theabilty to shock you while showcasing the exceptional action sequences. Others may feel that it takes away characters that you started to fall in love with. The dimly lit hall where the first combat took place or the Mutated Tiger roaring at the street building up its own character.

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On the other hand felt Kate was very irritating in this film. I mean my god we have a mission at hand nothing to do with the actor. Just the character really derailed the goal at hand. When I think about Snyder's Dawn of The Dead, I think its far better than Army of The Dead. And despite its being 17 years old , it still stands the test of time.


I will conclude by saying this that this is in no way Snyder's top 3 or top 4 films. The film is enjoyable like any other Zombie Action film. Its visually spectacular but emotionally distant. A carefree fun experience but not fool ourselves, we've seen better.

And that was the review guys. write down the comments below what you thought of the movie.


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