Appatha (2023)

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Hello movie lover friends, how are you all? Mother is the greatest blessing in the world for every child. A mother who fights life from giving birth to raising her child to become a human being, a child cannot repay her debt with everything in life. Well, can you tell me where to find selfless love! Selfless love can be found only in the mother, it is not possible to find it anywhere else in the present world. The most important thing is that no child can live well in this world by making his mother suffer.

Nowadays people have completely forgotten the education of love, responsibility and duty towards mother and father while living a modern and educated life. As a result, most of the mothers and fathers have to suffer from their children in their old age and at some point the old parents end up in nursing homes. But today I will tell you about such a wonderful movie, through which you can see and know very well how a mother's selfless love and the mentality of children are today. Along with that, I can learn and see how to play an important role in the country's economy by creating employment for women. Let us introduce you to today's amazing educational movie.


Movie Name - Appatha.
Movie Director - Priyadarshan.
Movie story writer - John Britto, Hardik Gajjar and Deepthi Govindarajan.
Movie Genre – Comedy Drama Movie.
Movie Based On - One can see and know how selfless and generous a mother's love is.
Cinematography of the movie is done by - Madhu Ambat.
Movie Music - Rajesh Murugesan.
Run time of the movie - 1 hour 56 minutes.
Movie release date - 29 July 2023.
IMDB rating of the movie - 7.2 out of 10.
Personal rating of the movie - 4 out of 5.
Movie Country - India.
Movie Language - Tamil.


The important roles in the movie were played by:

In the movie, Urvashi as Kannamma has given an outstanding performance as the main heroine, a real warrior. Other important roles in the movie include Amit Bhargav as Paavada Saamy aka Sam, Kaveri Jha as Swaru, Sidharth Babu as Sakthi, Aruldoss as Azhagu Sundaram, Meghali as Avanti, Y. G. Mahendran as Azhagu Sundaram's manager and Semmalar Annam as Villager.


Interesting facts of the movie:

1) Kannamma got down from her bike after hearing the call of a dog on the way to the market and went to the market through another road.
2) Interesting scene of Sakthi going home alone after Kannamma is angry because Kannamma talks about her son and very happy when she gets her son's call.
3) There is an interesting scene where Kannamma goes to her son's house and runs after seeing the dog Zeus.
4) Interesting scene of Kannamma fleeing to the room after hearing the screams of the maid.
5) Interesting fight between Kannamma and Zeus can be seen.
6) Kannamma has an interesting fight with the secretary of the building.
7) Interesting incident of friendship between Kannamma and Zeus can be seen.
8) An interesting incident of coconut breaking is seen during Kannamma puja.


Important Events of the movie:

1) Kannamma even in her old age can be seen the important incident of creating employment for the women of the village by making Achar Teri work with the common women of the village.
2) After the death of her husband, Kannamma made a ritual to give her son a beautiful and happy educated life.
3) Kannamma is reported to have been introduced to her son's school friends as a working woman and left the shop without eating the tiffin given to her by her mother.
4) The ritual that Kannamma makes to give her son an educated life shows the hatred and neglect of the mother.
5) Even after hundreds of hardships, neglect and insults, there is a remarkable case of a mother loving her child without cursing.
6) It shows how selfish a boy can be to think of his mother visiting the house to take care of Zeus the dog.
7) It can be seen how selfish a son is and does not understand his mother's love.
8) One can know and see through Kannamma how great and big hearted a mother can be if she wants.
9) That dogs are more faithful and dutiful than men can be seen and known through Zeus.
10) One can see and know the good people who live alongside the selfish people of the city.
11) One can see and learn about the extraordinary cases of social service and role in the economic development of the country by providing job resources for village women.


Movie Review:

The movie starts with a lush green village and Sakthi, the main character, sees the village grandmother Kannamma, who makes pickles from the unemployed women of the village and sells pickles in the market. After that it is known that since the death of her husband, Kannamma has been working hard in the village and has given her only son education and higher education to live in the city. But Kannamma's only son, even after 8 years of moving to the city, does not come to his mother and does not even call her. As a result, Kannamma felt pain in her heart and prayed to God for her child's well-being with immense love for her son.

It is seen that Kannamma's only son Saamy is suddenly out of town but calls to visit her, which makes Kannamma very happy and goes to visit her son in Chennai. But after seeing the dog in his son's house, he became scared and panicked. Also comes to know that her son will be going on an official holiday with his family and Kannamma has been asked to come and take care of the dog from home, so she reluctantly stays at her son's house and takes care of the dog. The man who was afraid of dogs has become friends with dogs.

On the other hand, even after arriving in the city, Kannamma receives praise for her pickles and is inspired by the townspeople to participate in a best food preparation competition with them. It is seen that everyone respects Kannamma for the pickle that her son hates and wins first place in the competition for making the best dish. Also a reputed company wants to contract with Kannamma for pickle business. Many women in Kannamma village have overcome unemployment and done social service work by preparing the ritual for which her son insults her. As a result, the government was pleased to invite Kannamma to accept the Padma Shri award. Saamy finally realizes her mistake and apologizes to Kannamma after hearing about her mother's respect.


Today's movie beautifully shows how selfless and immense a mother's love can be. I liked the movie's cinematography, music, movie story, acting, educational content, comedy. Those of you who love to watch family drama movies must watch today's new movie and let us know how you liked the movie in the comments.

Thank you all so much for today's wonderful educational movie. Stay well everyone and always try to stay healthy.