Plan B (2021)

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Hello movie loving friends, how are you all? Today I saw such a wonderful movie, where there was no such celebrity, but every character of the movie acted very well in the movie. There was one main character in the movie who remained a twist even after we saw him in all the movies. First of all, the movie tells about a province in India, in which all the families of a village in the province were not having children and all the families started having children under the treatment of a doctor.

But not only does one family have no children, but the doctor tells them that - with the help of someone else's spam - they will too. Thus a doctor gets respect as a village god, yet the doctor and his family are brutally killed. Today's interesting movie is about a mysterious incident where even the police could not catch the killer. So let's introduce today's interesting movie.


Movie Name - Plane B
Story writer and director of the movie - K.V. Rahamahi.
Movie Genre - Crime Thriller Movie.
The cinematography of the movie is done by - Venkat Gangadhari.
Movie Music - Swara.
IMDB rating of the movie - 6.8 out of 10.
Murvi's Personal Rating - 4 out of 5
Run time of the movie - 2 hours 1 minute.
Movie Release Date - September 17, 2021.
Movie Country - India.
Movie Language - Tamil, Telugu.


The movie stars in important roles:

The movie first sees Murli Sharma playing the role of a cool police officer, along with Srinivasa Reddy doing a great double role as the lead. Apart from that, every character in the movie has acted very well in the movie.


Interesting fact of the movie:

1) Interesting case of how big a problem a doctor creates after he is 99% successful in solving the remaining 1%.
2) Boy named Vijay lying about his friend's father's illness interestingly arranges drinking money from Vishwanath and funny dialogues like “lying for good or nothing bad”.
3) The interesting incident of sending the picture of Vishwanath's murder from his wife's mobile phone to Vishwanath's father's phone.
4) A case where the wife approaches her old lover only after the husband leaves the house.
5) Saving police officer Rajendra's daughter Avantika from Saddam's attack and accepting their love affair.
6) Interesting incident of purchase of land of police officer Rajendra worth 100 crores by local don Saddam for 10 crores.
7) Seeing a murderer as an interestingly honest and devoted lawyer.
8) Seeing interesting twists in the wrongdoings of all the criminals in the movie.
9) The incident when Gautam gave 5 crore rupees to Avantikar in a red bag and all the money turned out to be fake money.
10) It is interesting to see the greed in the minds of criminals.


Movie Twists:

1) A case where a doctor is killed even after being honored as a god.
2) The case of a lawyer being killed on his way to work.
*3) The death of police officer Rajendra and the local don ordering the case not to be filed against Saddam.
4) The incident of Vishwanath's wife running away.
5) What happened in Andhra Pradesh, India, as a result of which no one in the village was having children.
6) How a loved one becomes a murderer after greed.
7) Incident of an elder brother handing over his own younger brother to the police.
8) Incident of Gautama killing his own friend Rishi.
9) The scene where the police catch the accused of Rishi's murder but fail to find the accused of Vishwanath and all the crimes are brilliantly turned into teasing.


Movie Review:

In the movie, we get to see a very good reality of how criminal activity gets involved in good deeds and how that crime turns into a big crime at one point. Also, the movie is a great example of how we can go wrong even when we do good things. Doing criminal acts at any time in life people have to get punishment like death, is seen very nicely. Also, when people are punished for not committing a crime, then one can see and know how people turn into a terrible criminal to take revenge.

For example, a doctor, after treating an orphaned family to have a child, is brutally murdered and falsely convicted as the father's murderer. As a result, he turns out to be a trained criminal when he gets out of jail and kills the killers of his father and mother by making a remarkable fool of the police.

But along with this murder, there are crimes like murder of a police officer, murder of a lawyer and murder of a friend. As a result of which such a chaotic situation is created and the police cannot catch the murderer of Vishwanath in any way. But those who committed crimes for the sake of money were caught beautifully. And then it is understood that every criminal tries to make someone else a criminal as a plan B to hide the evidence of their actions. However, all but one of the criminals were caught after using their Plane B. In the midst of all this, Master Mandi, the doctor's son who did the plane, successfully avenged him.


The story of the movie, the twists of the movie, the music of the movie, the wonderful cinematography of the movie and the wonderful success of a wonderful master mind are very interesting to me. This is a great movie for those of you who like twists in movies. Those who are yet to watch this interesting movie will watch this movie and comment how you like the movie.

Thank you all for reading about the interesting movie. Be well, be healthy and refrain from crime.