Sui Dhaaga (2018)

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Hello Bollywood movie loving friends, how are you all? Today I will tell you an interesting success story of middle class family children's life struggle. Most of us who belong to middle class families, know how much struggle, sorrow, hard work, sacrifice, adventure and how hard it is to grow up in life according to our dreams.

But yes, when there is love and support from the rest of the family, realizing the dream of a child from a middle class family becomes somewhat easier and more successful. Do you know an interesting fact - children from middle class families and children from poor families tend to be a bit stronger mentally and wonderfully realistic. As a result, it can be seen that when children from poor families and middle class families receive love and support from their families, most children can successfully realize their dreams.

But the reality is that middle class families like ours do not get the opportunity to successfully express and implement their talents. As a result, dreams and talent are often seen as curses in the lives of poor and middle-class families.

As a result of this, we find that most of the time, middle class families underestimate the talent and dreams of their children and pressure and force them to do the opposite. When a family devalues its children, those children become worthless at almost every stage of life and become human slaves. We can see the wonderful success of such a wonderful story through today's interesting movie, let us introduce you today's movie based on reality.


Movie Name - Sui Dhaaga.
Movie story writer and director - Sharat Katariya.
Movie Genre – Drama Movie.
Movie Based On - The Struggle and Success of a Middle Class Family.
The cinematography of the movie is done by - Anil Mehta.
Movie Music - Anu Malik.
Run time of the movie - 2 hours 3 minutes.
Movie Release Date - 28 September 2018.
IMDB rating of the movie - 6.8 out of 10.
Personal rating of the movie - 4 out of 5.
Movie Country - India.
Movie Language - Hindi.


Those who acted in the movie are:

The movie stars Varun Dhawan as Mauji Sharma and Anushka Sharma as Mamta Sharma in the lead roles. Raghubir Yadav as Parasram Sharma played the role of middle class family father. Besides, Pooja Sarup as Harleen Bedi, Mahesh Sharma as Yogesh Kumar, Sidharth Bhardwaj as Mr. Bansal, Ashish Verma as Prashant Bansal and Bhupesh Singh as Naushad Khan.


Interesting events of the movie:

1) Interesting case of Mauji, a married child of a middle class family, waking up in the morning.
2) The interesting mentality of Mauji's father seeing the loss of his grandfather's tailoring business as a curse.
3) Mauji does interesting and dishonorable work to keep his boss and boss's family happy.
4) The case of illegal procurement of government sewing machines and selling them as Naushad sewing machine supplier.
5) Case of Mauji receiving 500 rupees by entertaining his boss's son's wedding.
6) A beautiful story of a husband fixing his wife's clothes.
7) Sitting in front of the hospital, Mauji and Mamta decided to start a business.
8) Interesting incident of making a dress for a sick mother to wear in the hospital.
9) Hearing about getting a big job in a friend's business, spontaneous incident of hiding the sewing machine to take 40% share.
10) Interesting facts about free sewing machines.
11) Hospital over commercialization using Mauji and the dress he made.
12) The case of Mauji and Mamata deciding the name and logo of their company in one year.
13) Interesting modeling of all the models during the fashion designer competition.


Lessons from the movie:

1) It is known about how difficult it can be for the family when the child cannot earn enough money for the family.
2) If the father and mother of the family behave in a negative way to fulfill the dreams of the children, then no success can be achieved in life.
3) How important is the companionship and emotional support of his wife in a man's life?
4) It is known about how easy and pleasant it is to achieve success in a person's life if he gets the cooperation and support of family people.
5) There is no point in disrespecting yourself by entertaining people.
6) We have some selfish and opportunistic harmful friends around us, whom we should leave in time.
7) You may get happiness in life by deceiving people, but you cannot succeed in life.


Movie Review:

In the movie we see the family life of a realistic middle class family, where Mauji lives with his wife and parents. The family is barely surviving on the government pension of the father's pension and Mauji's job at the sewing machine shop, but there is no chance of saving any respect. The important thing is that Mauji wants to be a good tailor like his grandfather since his childhood, since his grandfather lost business, Mauji's father considers tailoring as a curse for them and therefore forbids Mauji from doing it.

As a result, Mauji does the job of sewing machine as his father said with a smile, but it can be seen that Mauji entertains the boss and the boss's son in his own work. Also seen on the tarp, Mauji disrespects himself. But a wife can't accept selling her husband's honor to make money, so Mauji gets her wife's tremendous emotional support and support to fulfill his dreams.

A middle class tailor can also become a successful fashion designer when he has the support and love of his father and mother along with his wife. As a result, it is understood that the emotional support and support of family members plays the most important role for a man to succeed in his life.


The story and acting of the movie is so realistic and timely that I like it a lot. For those of you who love to watch family drama movies, this is a great movie. So let me tell you, watch today's interesting movie and let me know how you like the movie in the comments.

Thank you all so much for reading and knowing about today's online movie. Be well and stay healthy, love people.