Vinaya Vidheya Rama (2019)

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Hello movie lover friends, how are you all? Most of us can never imagine the hardships and dangers that street orphans go through. Even though orphans and poor street children have dreams of living a beautiful and educated life like all other children, the harsh and cruel reality never allows those dreams to be fulfilled. In our cruel world, orphaned children continue to fight bravely for life and often succeed. When honest people achieve success by hard work, the dishonest people of the society and the country continue to cause destruction to their lives and their work.

We live in a modern world where children are thrown in the dustbin and try to rearrange life. People are becoming educated, smart and modern at the same time we have never thought very well how cruel people are becoming. Through today's amazing movie, one can see and know the life struggle of four orphaned street children and the amazing story of finding a little child who is going to commit suicide and finding a new life and fulfilling his dream in a wonderful way. Along with that, everyone will be able to see and know how beautiful the relationship between the people of the family is and how brave and strong heroes need to be to prevent the injustice of the society. Let us introduce you today's interesting movie.


Movie Name - Vinaya Vidheya Rama.
Movie Director and Story Writer - Boyapati Srinu.
Movie Genre – Action Drama Movie.
Movie Based On - The story of the brave and successful lives of orphans destroying the lives of powerful enemies through war.
The cinematography of the movie is done by - Rishi Punjabi and Arthur A. Wilson.
Movie Music - Devi Sri Prasad.
Run time of the movie - 2 hours 26 minutes.
Movie release date - January 11, 2019.
IMDB rating of the movie - 3.4 out of 10.
Personal rating of the movie - 3 out of 5.
Movie Country - India.
Movie Language - Telugu.


The important roles in the movie were played by:

In the movie, Ram Charan as Konidela Ram Charan has played a wonderful action hero in the lead role. Kiara Advani as Papa has done a wonderful performance as the heroine in the movie. Mukesh Rishi as Pandyam Parasuram, Harish Uthaman as Ballem Balaram, Vivek Oberoi as Raja Bhai have acted as villains in the movie. Other important roles in the movie include Prashanth as Konidela Bhuvan, Sneha as Konidela Gayatri Devi, Aryan Rajesh as Sekar, Madhumitha as Ram's 2nd sister-in-law, Ravi Varma as Raju, Himaja as Ram's 3rd sister-in-law, Madhunandan as Ram's fourth brother, Praveena as Sailaja, Mahesh Manjrekar as Prabhunathed, Chalapathi Rao as Konidela Subramanyam, Jayaprakash as Chief Minister of AP, Saleem Baig as Ranjit Singh and Priyadarshini Ram as encounter specialist Shankar.


Interesting facts of the movie:

1) There is an interesting story of four orphaned children going to commit suicide and finding a newborn baby and dreaming of a new life.
2) Interesting story of four orphans bravely handing over the head of the child kidnappers to the police.
3) The story of little Ram saving his brothers with interesting bravery.
4) Bhuvan comes with his younger brother Ram to apologize to Parasuram interestingly scaring Parasuram.
5) The incident of Ram being shown his daughter Papa for marriage by all his family and interestingly the incident of both of them liking each other.
6) Papa's future bridegroom Ram has any physical problem or interesting case of taking blood many times for his test.
7) The incident of encounter specialist Shankar getting scared after seeing Ram's action is interesting.
8) Interesting and beautiful family relationship with Ram and Charbhai.


Important Events of the movie:

1) The incident of child kidnappers shows that children's lives are in danger.
2) The incident of four orphan children trying to commit suicide by themselves fearing to die at the hands of kidnappers.
3) By finding a newborn baby in a hole next to the railway line, it is understood that children are not safe in any way in our educated world today.
4) The story of four orphans rebuilding their lives after finding an orphaned child and the youngest brother Ram deciding to work for his elder four brothers himself.
5) Incident of Bhuvan confiscating Parasuram's money car through police and Ram threatening Parasuram to protect his elder brothers.
6) Incident of sending Bhuvan as Chief State Election Commissioner of Bihar.
7) Parasuram gives a terrible encounter to police officer Shankar to kill all of Ram's family to take his revenge.
8) Encounter incident where police officer Shankar forcibly captures all of Ram's family and Parasuram orders to kill everyone.
9) Incident of CM of Bihar helping Ram with his army and keeping the news of his elder brother's death a secret from his relatives.
10) Raja Bhai's terrorist forces used to seize all the powers of Bihar and did not allow any election in Bihar.
11) The story of Ram protecting his family and Bihar by killing Raja Bhai and all the terrorists to avenge his elder brother's murder.


Movie Review:

In the beginning of the movie, it is known how difficult the life of street orphans is and how they fight with death and try to survive. The story of four orphaned children escaping death at the hands of kidnappers and deciding to kill themselves, and finding a child and reviving themselves to educate and raise their younger brother. Also the story of bravely handing over the kidnapper to the police and the story of the younger brother Ram protecting his elder brothers when the kidnapper tries to kill four people out of jail and the story of his decision to educate the elder brothers. Ram is seen working for his elder brothers and fighting enemies at an early age. It can be seen that Ram's four elder brothers have become Indian IPS officers and are doing their job honestly and bravely.

After that, Bhuvan starts working on the state election in India and a powerful leader of the state, Parasuram, is bringing money by truck to help his Shala win the election, but Bhuvan seizes Parasuram's money car through the police. As a result, Parasuram's shala and his men asked Bhuvan to return the vehicle to Nirbhachan office and beat his other brother. Just then Ram goes to his elder brother's office and kicks Parasuram's shala out of the office. The police then advised Bhuvan to apologize to his brothers instead of antagonizing Parasuram.

On the other hand, Bhuvan comes with his younger brothers to apologize to Parasuram and there Ram very bravely scares Parasuram. After that, the state chiefs told Bhuvan that Bihar could not be elected and tasked him to act bravely to win elections there. Bhuvan goes to Bihar with all his administrative powers and starts destroying Raja Bhai's people, but Raja Bhai with his huge gang of terrorists captures the Bhuvans and brutally tortures them to death.

It is seen that Bhuvan informs Ram of the danger to save his remaining brothers and Ram arrives at the scene and kills all of Raja Bhai's terrorists in a spectacular fight to save his brothers while Raja Bhai kills Bhuvan with a knife. As a result, Ram hits Raja Bhai with a throw and sends him into a coma. But it is seen that Raja Bhai regains his senses and tries to kill Ram, but this time Ram informs his sisters about the death of his elder brother Bhuvan and as told by his sisters, Ram goes to Bihar and brutally kills Raja Bhai in front of everyone and saves the lives of all the people. Creates environment for Bihar elections.


Through the story of the movie, the life of the orphans and their dreams can be learned very beautifully. Along with that, all the problems surrounding the elections of our countries can be seen and known beautifully. I like the story, action, drama, romance, political issues, cinematography, music of the movie. Those of you who like to watch action drama movies should watch today's interesting movie and tell us how you like the movie in the comments.

Thank you all so much for watching today's amazing movie and knowing about the movie. Stay well everyone and always try to stay healthy.