The Boys Season 3

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Alright, so Season 3 of The Boys is like the show growing up, but not too much – it's still the wild ride we love. This season hits you in the feels with some deep story arcs, making it the most grown-up version of the gang so far.

Now, before you think it's all deep convos and heart-to-hearts, don't worry – the Boys are still kicking criminal butts with their usual flair. From Seven-themed adult toys to a supe hamster munching on faces, the violence is still top-notch. And guess what? We've got Soldier Boy in the mix, played by our Supernatural buddy Jensen Ackles. He's like Captain America, but with a bad attitude and more bullying from his Payback teammates.

Speaking of Payback, they're like the Avengers, but with a Boys twist. Stormfront, the lightning-controlling Nazi survivor, is on the squad, adding a whole new level of crazy. And Season 3 spills the tea on her twisted backstory, including a romance with Vought's founder. Drama, much?

But here's the real deal – this season isn't just about gore and hero antics. The Boys are facing consequences, making tough choices, and dealing with their own demons. It's like a superhero soap opera, but with more punching and less sappy love stories. We even get dance numbers, psychological breakdowns, and our heroes owning up to their issues – who knew manly men had feelings?

Jensen Ackles as Soldier Boy is a riot. He's like the anti-Captain America, smirking his way through scenes and challenging Homelander's ego. And Homelander? He's actually scared for once. Antony Starr deserves an Emmy nod for sure.

Now, the finale, titled "The Instant White-Hot Wild," might not have flipped the script, but it delivered some supe-on-supe action and trademark moments. Sure, the character motivations were all over the place, but hey, it's The Boys – chaos is their middle name.

Can't wait for season 4 to come out and an interesting think i read recently is that Jensen Ackles name is being considered for Batman!\

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I haven't started watching it yet but I'm not trying to start watching its first season soon.

Season 3 was fun, I can't wait for season 4!