Welcome to Waikiki | An Interesting Movie To Watch

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Now I can say i have found another clueless movie that almost resemble the 3 idiot indian movies back in the days of Rancho, Farhan and Raju and I know how popular that indian movie was back then even till now because it was really funny since it is comedy based, now I finally found the korean version but the men represent idiot version. I was kinda skeptical about it at first when my friends asked me if I have watch the movie titled "Welcome to Waikiki" and I said no, he knew the kind of movie I do watch but he just want me to see reason why I should watch the movie because according to him, he really laughed and also enjoyed the movie, I just had to check the movie out on netflix and download it offline since I don't have data so I use night sub to run the package.


You can see the 3 men, they have nothing upstairs, very childish too and I still wonder how the ladies had to cope or manage their stupidity. They had a dream work which at some point they felt like abandoning it but they somehow decided to rent a guesthouse to start a guesthouse business ( renting the place out for tourist) in form of hotels. Lee Joon-ki life career is to be an actor, Kang Dong-gu want to be a movie director while Cha woo a script writer in short, life wasn't easy for them at all since they somehow have on backup plan but finding every means to push their career, they were 4 at first, the 3 guy and Kang dong-gu sister who also have a defect as a lady because she grow moustache and beards, also the way Yoon-ah who was a single mother came along with her baby then Kang dong-gu ex gf who dump him because he was immature and childish at the same time but she was dupe by a con man who was her bf, she lost all and came back to scout in the guest house.

The story has a lot of twist moment, it shows how most people struggle in life especially career wish, how they find it hard to secure a good paying job, have a good solid ground financially, how we are desperate for success and depress at the same time especially when what the result we except didn't work out. Life isn't fair at all, on a norms all fingers aren't equal so there is no way we all can be equal but this 3 guys or should I say the 6 of them make me realise as long as there is life, there is still hope, if we keep pushing hard without relenting in live, we will always see light and joy at the end of the tunnel. It is actually a movie full of comedy and you will surely laugh, what really amazed me the most was the baby they use in the series, I still can't figure out how they manage to capture the baby expression at some core part of the movie, like some funny part and the baby reaction/expression during those part were really amazing. It still make me wonder how they manage to put that out.


I love this series too!

Yay! 🤗
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