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Hello friends film lovers, in all its genres, because the true cinephile likes everything, is what would be a true film critic and connoisseur of everything.

In contest # 82 the theme or genre is a film about diseases of any kind, well known or unknown, based on real facts, as taken from the imagination of the writer of the film, but it must be about disease.

I have seen several of this genre, but one that I really liked is called " Quedate a mi lado" or Stepmom.



Principal actors: : Julia Roberts, Susan Sarandon, Ed Harris

Other actors: Jena Malone, Liam Aiken, Lynn Whitfield, Darrell Larson, Mary Louise Wilson, Andre B. Blake

Genre: drama, comedy and disease.

This movie was released in 1988, the director Chris Columbus.
Chris Columbus based on real fact, about the disease of Cancer, this disease suffered and died the director's mother.

In this film it unfolds in the middle of a relationship as a compatriot, since Isabel (Julia Roberts), is the current girlfriend of Luke Harrison (Ed Harris) and Jackie (Susan Sarandon) who was Luke's first wife and from whom two children were born: Anna and Ben.

Isabel is one photographic professional recognized, who feels like the stepmother but not as bad as she is painted in the stories, but she feels uncomfortable to know that she is the reason why Luke and Jackie were separated.


But just as there are diseases that separate there are some that unite, Jackie is sick with cancer that still does not tell anyone or their children, their children sometimes stay with Isabel and Luke, Anna being the most rebellious and also blames her for her parents to finish, while Ben is different.

Jackie believes that Isabel wants to steal the love of her children, but soon realized that she would be an excellent mother for her children when she is no longer there, and decides to approach her little by little, to tell her first about her illness and how her children are: what they like, what they don't like, how they eat, their studies and other things.

Cuando Jackie les confiesa la enfermedad a sus hijos, Anna es la que mas sufre, y acepta lo que su mama le dice en cuanto a Isabel, que será quien se quede con ellos y su papa.

Isabel stays with Jackie many times, until the time comes.

Cancer is a disease that every day, takes a new life, in women the most deadly is breast cancer, for which was established on October 19 of each year commemorates the International Day of Fight against Breast Cancer, to create more awareness in women to be tested hence the campaign "Touch yourself", that we must not let the disease if this does not spread, an examination in time, is to give time to be cured there are those who have fought this battle, others have lost.

It is not only in women that cancer cases are seen, but also in children and men.

And as I know there are many movies to talk about the subject,@oneray @helengutier2 @irene0411 I'm sure you can tell us about some of them, here is the link

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