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How about podcasting?

Start your own profitable Podcast in 3 (usually FREE) steps

Why not start up your own professional podcast? As long as you have a good microphone and a nice quiet place to broadcast from, you're all set.

On Hive you can SPEAK FREELY + earn some $Hive at the same time

Where do I upload my podcasts?

We @agorise created the free, open-source Hive-Tube server plugin so that anyone can startup their own streaming site. NO VIDEO is necessary. Audio podcasts are actually way more popular. Probably because it enables the listener to keep doing what they're doing while listening.

Video does have its place though for some podcasters because they prefer to show their viewers things on screen, or out in nature, etc.

You can A) upload your podcast to a free podcast host like Cast.Garden or B) even run your own dedicated streaming platform with multiple podcasters hosted on it for less than $90/month. Earn a nice bit of Hive for offering that too!

What does it cost to start up a podcast?

If you have a decent internet connection and microphone, you can be broadcasting in literally less than 1 day. Just upload your media file to Cast.Garden and spread your channel link around on your social media so that people learn about you.

The real beauty of using a podcast host that is powered by Hive-Tube is the crazy awesome syndication that you get out via RSS, the Fediverse and Hive networks. Literally Millions of listeners waiting to discover your channel!

3 Simple Steps πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€

  1. Setup your recording studio (a quiet room and a decent microphone)
  2. Upload your media file to a Podcast Host like Cast.Garden that gives you massive syndication to multiple networks like the Fediverse and Hive Communities as well as providing your channel with an RSS feed that is Podcasting 2.0 Certified.
  3. Tell the world about your new podcast channel and get your RSS feed submitted to all of the indexes out there!

The best part is that now we have designed a new tuner/aggregator for web and mobile called HiveCast. The HiveCast tuner enables you to tune into any audio, video, podcast or livestream that includes an RSS feed. That is literally thousands of channels!

Why visit multiple websites just to get to the content you love?

HiveCast is bringing back RSS in a HUGE way, so if you haven't yet checked out our HiveCast Proposal, please do so. It's literally poised to take massive market share away from the web2 platforms like youtube, spotify, netflix and apple podcasts.

Now is the time to break the chains of those web2 walled gardens. It's time to BLAST our voices out there so that ANYONE ANYWHERE can discover you! HiveCast yourself! πŸ’ͺ

No more walled gardens!

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Spotify clearly in the cross-hairs. Ultimately what the podcasting wars will come down to, is mainstream vs alternative, with everyone outside the system being the "alternative."

Last I checked, Spotify spends millions every year on licensing deals to have the privilege of streaming the musical work created by other people, and charging a nice little "use" fee that in no way actually benefits most artists.

Something people don't realize, is that a business like Spotify essentially pays its c-suite the most money, then pays for music deals, and then takes fees off the top, before taxes take even more away. They can use cash they earn from charging people money, to buyback shares of their stock too ;)

It is...rather shady how the business is "run"

Exactly. This is why RSS is so important, and also reaching out and merging a bit with other networks like the fediverse. With HiveCast, the likes of spotify and other web2 walled gardens don't stand a chance.

"Licensing deals" - Haven't they ever heard of FOSS?

Hive has a profitable business model, so no need for some CEO dude to "run" it either hehe :)

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