Lets take a walk on the beach - Geography worksheet for kids

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What does it mean if people say they live at the coast?

Yes it means they live close to the sea but what will you find in this area and how is it formed. Lets learn some more.

The area between the land and the sea is called the coast and because of the constant movement of the water, the shape of the coast can change over time because of erosion.

Explain the word 'erosion' in your own words and give a few examples. Learn more about different 'land forms' on earth.__


You will find differnt types of things in the area of the coast like beaches and cliffs and sand dunes and at some places also a harbor.

People like to build resorts next to the sea where you can go on holiday and have some fun in the sun and sea.

Do you own research and find pictures of each of these different features mentioned above.

The water of the sea does not only cause erosion, but it will also transports the broken pieces of shells and rocks up and down the coast where it will be put it down on the beach.

Have you ever walked on the beach? What have you found there that the sea had left there? Draw a picture of different sea shells or find pictures of it - also remember to add the names.

If you watch the sea you will see that the wave breaks and the water goes onto the beach - I am sure that if you have ever been on the beach you would have played and run away from this water coming onto the beach. This is called the 'swash'.

If the water the runs back into the sea, it is called the 'backwash'.

If the force of the water that comes out on the beach is stronger than the water that runs back, we call is a 'constructive' wave.

Read more for extra information on coasts and certain processes taking place here.