Listening and talking test for kids - Gr 2

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If you are a Christian, you will most probably know this story. You are going to listen to it carefully, re-tell the story in your own words and then answer the questions.


Name a few things God made.

Give another name for 'Gospel'

Who were the first people God made and how were they punished?

What were the good news that God shared with the people?

Why do Christians celebrate Christmas?

How are we saved from our sins?

Have you ever made a bad choice? What was it?

How did Jesus take the sin away from all the people?

What do we celebrate on Easter?

Why do we say "There is nothing God cannot do?"

Are the good news still get told to different people?

How will we be saved by God?

For some people it is very difficult to forgive, but it is something very important we must do. Listen to the story and then re-tell it and also say why you think it is important to forgive and be forgiven.


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