12 tips to improve collaboration between families and teachers.

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To achieve the formation and education of children it is necessary to complement the union of parents and teachers, it is necessary to carry on both sides all the academic, cultural, emotional, social, and above all values.



That is why it is in both positions should reinforce what they have learned, both at home and at school. However, this is not always the case, and as a consequence, communication barriers are worsened.

Below are twelve tips for parents and teachers that will help them to perform better in and out of school.

Starting with 7 tips for parents to have a more fluid and above all profitable relationship with their children's teachers.

  1. Do not criticize the teacher, on the contrary, you have to value his work, listen to him, respect him, and take into account his criteria since he is the one who knows best the teaching-learning process.

  2. Frequent communication is necessary. When the teacher requests a meeting in case problems have arisen it is best not to wait and go to the meeting immediately, that is why if there is good communication all problems can be attacked in time.

  3. If any problem occurs, go to the teacher first. There may be difficulties with a subject or behavioral problems, whatever is happening, you should go to the teacher, even if we already know the version of our children about what happened.

  4. Respect the teacher's authority. Our children need to understand that teachers are to be respected, in addition to accepting their decisions or considerations. For this, the first ones who must set an example are the parents when talking to teachers.

  5. We have to talk to our children about school. When our children enter the first stages of school, we need to explain to them what will be new, what the school will be like and what their new subjects will be like. These things can be discussed for children between the ages of 3 and 10.

  6. Let's reinforce learning at home. School alone is not enough for our children to learn their classes well, support at home is essential for good understanding and development. For this it is always necessary to have an educational environment at home that encourages curiosity and creativity.

  7. It is desirable that we participate in all school activities. Let us try to be active in activities that require the collaboration of parents, such as celebrations or special events that are related to the school environment. In this way teachers and others involved as well as the children will see that as parents we value all the work done.

Now 5 recommendations for teachers or professors.

It is also important for the teacher to collaborate in order to have a fluid communication with the student's family, and for this it is necessary to comply with the following recommendations.

  1. The teacher should listen to the parents. They are the ones who know their children best, so ask them about their reactions after arriving home from school, advise them on how to help the children when they have doubts about something, since they are an essential base for the children's education.

  2. Ask questions and show interest in the children. As teachers you should be aware if there are problems at home because it affects the development of children, ask questions that can motivate the child to improve, that is why the more information we have about the children the more we can help them.

  3. Personalize meetings and everything that has to do with communication. It is not enough to give information with just a briefing note, as a teacher be prepared to offer parents as much information about the students as possible, both as difficulties and strengths.

  4. Offer as much explanation as necessary. When you have the opportunity to talk to the parents, without embarrassment and without fear you can give all the indications that the student needs so that he/she can improve. Answer all the questions asked by the representative and thus both parties will feel more at ease if any complication arose.

  5. It is not only necessary to talk to the parents about education, but also about behavior and values. It looks bad to always talk only about the educational issue because parents are also interested in knowing what kind of behavior their children have at school, so it is also good to talk about whether the student complies with these positive aspects or not.

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Hi @anyelina93, no doubt to build meaningful learning in children there must be a connection between all educational actors, referring to parents or representatives, teachers, governing body of the institution so as to create a healthy and healthy environment for the learner, very good contribution, be well. Greetings