Errors as a protagonist in the teaching-learning process

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Education is a process that not only allows human beings to learn through the teaching of knowledge that allows us to develop as humanity, but also provides us with the models to follow so that this process is as efficient as possible in terms of the quality of learning and the teaching methods used to achieve these objectives.

When we say that we build on education, it is because the teaching process on the part of us teachers allows students to have an advanced perspective of what education is and what it means to learn by making mistakes. Mistakes in education should not be considered a failure in the teaching-learning process, but on the contrary should be seen as a bridge to dare to do new things, being more and more innovative.

From the constructivism model, what is sought is to build a different approach from other models such as the behaviorist one, being this model inspiring for teachers and students to consider education as a critical process, since a series of aspects must converge so that the teacher can teach in the best way and the student can generate significant learning.

If teachers dare to investigate new aspects to teach our students, it is because there is a principle of autonomy that makes us reflect on the idea that in the process of teaching and subsequent learning there may be mistakes, which by correcting them will expand the set of learning that will lead us to new significant learning.

We cannot continue to make the mistake from our teaching perspective of considering the error during the teaching-learning process as that indicator of academic excellence, since he who does not make mistakes is because he does not take risks, so when we continue to expand the constructivist model we realize that learning continues to be generated every time the student and the teacher take risks, and if they make mistakes, such as the mistakes that can be made by the teacher from the didactic point of view, it is because the teacher is exploring new paths in situations that should be considered as creative instances in the teaching process.

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