Game Development for Kids with Godot Engine - Add Image Background

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In this post we are going to take a look at How to add Image Background using Godot Engine.

So basically we are going to be adding the image background to the existing game. Like say you have 2D games where you want to add the image background. And that way you would be able to view it consistently while your character moves from one place to another. So the background remains static.

Currently this is 3rd tutorial from the series. I am sure you would definitely love to see this series continuing. I would also love it to create small tutorials that you can enjoy going through as an exercise. So this being one of those small tutorials, you would get things done pretty easily.


Table of Contents of Godot Engine Tutorials

  1. Godot Engine - Create New Project
  2. Godot Engine - Change Scene Background

Now check out the Video tutorial below in order to set the background image for your game project.

As you can see this is one of the easiest tutorials that you can go through. And considering the godot engine is small and also easy to use without installation part. You may find that this tutorial will give you idea for various scenes and also you can experiment movement from the scene to scene movement for player in future tutorials.

If you want to try out the similar game development tutorials using the gdevelop, you can follow this tutorial trail of GDevelop Tutorials.

I hope the current tutorial was useful to you.

We will continue the further game development topic in next post.