The Power Of TikTok Influence

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I actually got to know about TikTok from my students.

Many of them were making videoclips on their own and posting them which are not allowed to be done in my school.

With its popularity, many of them still chose to make those videoclips when teachers were not around.

I even saw my students making TikTok videos after exam near the school gate as a group last year.

With all these cool TikTok dance videoclips online, it is hard for our kids not to follow.

TikTok By Twin Sisters

Video Source

TikTok Dance by Sky Brown

Video Source

Even adults in the crypto world are influenced by TikTok when we saw the recent pump of Dogecoin because of someone urging everyone to pump Dogecoin to a dollar.

Video Source

We cannot neglect the powerful influence of TikTok and we definitely cannot stop our kids from using it anymore with its strong influence among youth.

We can give suitable advice for them to monitor their own usage as well as how they can avoid using it in the wrong way or wrong time.

Everyone needs a hobby so I guess TikTok is the hobby of most youths these days.

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