There is the toxic relationship between parents and children.

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We are used to the fact that parents, for the most part, help their children to move forward and become stronger, they care about them and are a reliable support and endorsement.


But there are also families where parents take care of children, but sadly, this only makes them worse. Such parents can poison the child's childhood quite strongly, breaking it and not realizing the damage they are doing.

Today we will talk about the so-called toxic relationship between parents and children. The toxic behavior of parents in apparently prosperous families is not screaming or hitting, it is an imperceptible behavior, like poisoned air or poison that is slowly added to food: day after day, drop by drop, it seeps into the very heart of the child . Unfortunately, this happens with increasing frequency and it is not always clear how to recognize them, how to help both parties, and what to do next.

It is important to understand that each family has its own rules and regulations. Parents adhere to a certain line of education. Of course, it happens that in the parenting process, parents can make mistakes and mistakes, but sometimes the behavior may not be accidental, but quite natural and with a purpose. And how to distinguish between parental error and truly deliberate moral sabotage? It is not an easy question, but let's try to solve it.

Below are some characteristic signs that may indicate that the attitude of parents towards their children is poisonous, destructive:

- Constant control.

Parents strive to control her every step, demanding full responsibility for where she was and what she did, with whom, and for how long. They can view correspondence, listen to phone calls, or access your personal belongings.

- Imposing your opinion.

Parents do not consider your interests, they impose their opinion on you, they talk about how bad you are, they constantly talk about how you should look and what to achieve.

- Depreciation.

Parents do not pay attention to their successes and achievements, they may tease or in some way verbally humiliate.

- Manipulation.

Yes, parents can manipulate their children, making them feel guilty, ashamed and insecure. If this is present in your life, you should know that it is a sign.

- Energetic vampirism.

Parents can influence you in such a way that after communicating with them, you feel completely lost, devastated, and depressed. This is due to the fact that the father, as it were, drains, sucks all the energy and all the moral force from you with the help of pressure, actions and words from him, leaving you with nothing.

- Violence.

The father or mother periodically (or constantly) inflicts physical pain, may resort to violence, both physical and sexual.

If there are any factors on this list in your life anyway, this is a signal to think about, is everything okay in your family? It is important to remember that if your father behaves in this way, he is wrong and this must be changed.



Is everything okay in your family?


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