Developing Digital-based Education

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The development of digital-based education is a necessity carried out by the education system in the modern era. Advances in technology provide us with ideas to improve and prepare ourselves for a more advanced digital direction. This is self-disrupted for stakeholders in the world of education.

This means that the education system must be upgraded and directed towards more digitalization in order to catch up and balance the movement of technological advances so that they can both go hand in hand and be relevant. Currently, the use of technology in the learning process in class is still not optimal. Except, the process of education from home during a pandemic, where social media technology becomes one of the accesses to carry out the learning process.

The reason why the learning process by utilizing technology in schools has not run optimally because human resources have not been able to and do not fully understand the ins and outs of technology. This means that in this case the educational institution must find a way so that their human resources are more competent. technological means must be equipped, and digital learning methods should be applied more frequently.

Planning for school digitization.

Here are some ways to make the school digitization process, or a learning process that follows and takes advantage of applicable technological advances.

  • Train human resources

Human resources in school, especially teachers must be the first to understand the ins and outs of technology. Therefore, the desire to realize the digitalization of this school must go hand in hand with competent human resource development. The main ways to enable teachers to understand digital learning methods are, by giving them the opportunity to learn, take part in digital world training.

This training process includes various stages, starting from understanding the basics of the technology to be used. Furthermore, mastery of supporting applications, optimize digital sources. The use of digital teaching media, and maximizing the function of the internet.

  • Provide internet network.

I think that currently almost all schools can be accessed directly by the internet network. Already have an independent internet network. In supporting the ideals of school digitization, the internet is the main menu that must exist.

  • Integrated academic information system.

The goal, this system will be useful for optimizing all existing activities in the school environment. building an integrated information system is actually complicated, schools must employ outside people who have expertise in this matter. Later this integrated academic information system will be useful for attendance, school tuition payments, and transactions in libraries and cooperatives.

Those are some tips from me so that the plan to build a Digtal learning system can run perfectly. However, apart from some of the points above, there are actually other points such as the e-learning process, the completeness of qualified learning media, and others. Most importantly, back to the first point, namely building resources that understand and know what technology is and its benefits for education.

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