The Ultimate Guide To Getting Rid of Boredom From Attending Online Classes

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Online learning does provide new experiences for students and teachers alike, but the concept of learning that is done online by utilizing a variety of applications such as zoom and google meet, of course, gives a sense of boredom. Why not, we just sit in the room alone and stare at the smartphone screen for some time, different from normal study in school, there are many things we can do.

So, to overcome boredom while studying online we have to do something so that the learning process can run smoothly, and students can receive the maximum lesson. So what to do to get rid of boredom during the online learning process.

  • Rest your body.

It is important to set aside a little time after doing the learning process to refresh your body. We can do light movements so that the body is fresher, thus the online learning process that requires our bodies to sit for quite a long time and makes the body stiff, and the mind is not calm and gives birth to a feeling of boredom returning to fitness. Great study time.

  • Choosing the right learning time.

Choosing the right study time is an obligation in the educational process. This will be beneficial for learning continuity, choosing the time to study can lead to a sense of enthusiasm and also excessive boredom. If we choose the right time, students will enjoy learning, and will not feel bored. If students focus on studying in the morning, then focus on that time and don't forget to give them a break.

  • Suitable learning methods.

Choose the appropriate learning method and can get rid of boredom, usually the teacher only provides materials and explains everything he prepares through powerpoints, then this should be supplemented by providing another method. Some students prefer to learn by taking notes again, involving pictures, by movement, or by voice. My advice, the right thing to get rid of boredom is to do the acting and framing methods.

Actually there are many things we can do to get rid of boredom during the online learning process, to be able to apply the best point is that we have to analyze and see the behavior of students and ask them how the most fun learning can be done online. I think it creates an atmosphere of active learning between teachers and students is one of the best ways to get rid of boredom, moreover it returns to the first pin, which is enough rest.

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Online classes can be boring, even worse you the only person with no one to interact with- You know, just you and the lesson videos.

Thanks for your tips, it will go a long way.