Analysis of surrealism as an artistic movement

in Education8 months ago

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Educating with a critical analysis of art leads us to move a great interest in surrealism in art, as there are artistic expressions that have been captured throughout history, however none of this artistic contribution existed without the foundations of a surrealism that brings out of people those most hidden and strange thoughts were not already established, whose historical objective has been to develop in the human mind that in the depths of our most extravagant emotions there is a way of expression, and that is artistic surrealism, where feelings such as anguish, obsession and paranoia can be captured.

Before reaching an artistic pattern it can be very common for us to think that before surrealism evolves to any other form of expression, it must previously have a sense of rescuing from the human being that need to express his fears, an influence in which it was known that it would have a strong social impact to understand the historical conflict between men and women in terms of having the same opportunities to succeed.

To talk about the great objective of a mass awakening, and there is nothing better than showing surrealism in an artistic way, although we know that in that same philosophical current, the artistic will continue to evolve to find the paradox of life expressed in the surreal and artistic.


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