How do we approach our teaching?

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One of the approaches that we naturally give to our teaching process as classroom teachers at any educational level is to act in a transmission of knowledge in an exchange of knowledge in which we try to exhaust all the skills and techniques we have at our disposal. In order for the student to acquire significant learning, the teacher does not find limitations in finding the exact way to channel the teaching that is in accordance with the students' learning.

Under a context of control, it is very important that the teacher, in addition to using the various constructive ways of knowledge, does not lose the intrinsic ability to govern in the classroom, since there is a need to shape the teaching attached to the contents that can lead to significant learning, for this the control in the management of time in the classroom is also essential, which leads to timely evaluations and optimized monitoring of learning.

The mode of action should not be separated from the idea of being able to generate constant feedback, where every opportunity for discussion and opinions generate moments conducive to feedback on learning, if our teaching manages to have room for the possibility of being able to constantly reinforce the possibility of teaching what is learned is much better, so that in this way there is the ability to fix in the teaching-learning process.

A technique of governance and control leads us to a character of efficiency in education, so we must raise the teaching towards convincing purposes where culture ends up being relevant and helps us to get a panoramic view on the focal point that functions as a receiver of knowledge, ie we give everything we have to teach and at the same time we are filling all the gaps in the process.

In conclusion, any teaching approach is valid as long as it fulfills a fundamental objective, in this case to maintain governance and control focuses on not losing the compass while interacting with a diverse and dynamic action that encourages interaction to obtain meaningful learning from an objective teaching.


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