How should we listen?

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It is undeniable the fact that listening is important in our lives for the simple fact of being part of the social skills that help us to obtain a healthy relationship to communicate successfully with the rest of our environment regardless of whether such communication is essential for our personal or professional development.

It is important to know and be educated to assume the communicational reality in the different contexts of our daily life, since not all the people have that capacity to be able to express ideas and opinions, reason why for an assimilated interpretation it is necessary to go beyond what our capacities mark, for it we can connect emotionally and to achieve the approach of our real interests.

In this same proportion of ideas, we can assume an educational context to understand the importance of knowing how to listen empathically, because when we listen empathically we put ourselves in the other's place and d3 the existing need to be heard, so that in the end we will know that empathic listening is more effective than active listening.

In the educational environment, we teachers are provided with this ability to listen to students from their position of learning based on our teachings, which should be more attached to a meaningful learning that derives from empathic listening.


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no doubt that paying attention in a classroom, that is, listening to everyone or whoever is talking to you helps you to learn from the environment, it is not the same listening or hearing

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