Notable and influential learnings in psychology and pedagogy

in Education8 months ago

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It is the duty of us teachers to go beyond the different forms of teaching, so we must explore the different types of learning and inquire about them and end up explaining to students what are the best ways to find meaningful learning. Students must look for ways to learn what we teach, however it is a complex process that must be accompanied by the teacher.

Given the complexity of the different types of learning that exist, psychology and the science that studies education from a learning capture perspective have accepted that it is very complex to define learning based on how it is conceived based on a series of teachings orchestrated in the classroom by an educator.

Since we are born we are learning, so linking learning with the educational fact would be to describe a perspective lacking in breadth, so it is easier to conceptualize learning based on our experiences, since defining it is not so simple, when we learn is because we experience changes resulting from such learning, certainly those adjustments that involve change is because a learning involves leaving aside the old conceptions acquired and put into practice the new in acquisition.

The remarkable thing that transcends in the educational theories that explain the various types of learning is in understanding with the student and deciphering the way they learn, and in this way adapt our teaching, since many times our way of teaching may not be compatible with the way they are learning.