The importance of cognitive self-care

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Logically, if we can take care of ourselves in all the areas we can, this will help us to improve, but there is one area in which we need special care, and that is related to cognitive self-care.

What is cognitive self-care?

Cognitive self-care is part of our constant thought of wanting to advise and correct ourselves, however there are many things in which we correct ourselves but we do not pay attention, for this case of cognitive self-care we must be attentive and pay attention to those thoughts that are reflected in advice and warnings to which we must pay due attention.

At the same time it is important that these thoughts do not become very severe reproaches, since coming from ourselves can alter the normal psychological functioning and have negative psychological consequences on our behavior.

Listening to ourselves in the foreground reduces the risk of making mistakes, since there is no better counselor than ourselves, as long as we are acting with the awareness of making decisions in favor of our personality.


It's really very important to listen to one's inner voice. Cognitive self-care is very important.