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A few questions I must ask...
Have you also received your school certificate already? How was it? How are you? Are you satisfied? Are you proud of it?

Hello everyone! I'm your tulip🌷 and today we're going to tackle the school struggles and achievements we got lately.

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These past few weeks (2 weeks to be exact), synchronous learning has been happening because of the high heat index here in the Philippines. As expected, for us not to be behind in our topics, we were given modules or scheduled online classes to accomplish the specified tasks and to learn something even though we were just at home. Students and teachers right now are having a "deja vu" moment for sure, because who wouldn't be? This was the same setup when the pandemic era began. Although it has a different reason than before, it doesn't change the fact that we are back at it again.

I heard, saw, and read most of your blogs, and I can say that most of us are still students. Maybe some of you are already a grown man or woman, already successful or professional in life, and have a family of your own. But you can't deny that you also experience being a student, and being a student is both a struggle and an enjoyment. I know for a fact that almost all of you can relate to this topic.

Struggle is for all the pressure, stress, and challenges we've been facing as we go through a lot of difficulties related to our academic lives.
On the other hand, enjoyment is for all the happiness, bonding, and wonderful memories we've shared with each other as we face every struggle together.


Distance learning is really hard, especially for those students who were not really given the ability to understand the topic by just reading it. Students who are visual learners like me are struggling at this moment. Students are trying hard just to pass the given task, even though they do not actually understand the topic.

Some of the students right now are also struggling to submit their activities on time because they don't have a gadget or a device to see the information that was sent by the teachers. The type of students who are struggling financially but trying their best to not fail and graduate. Those students who just wanted to pursue their dreams despite having financial issues.


I want to share with y'all some of my experiences as I thrived to finish every task and activity that was given by our subject teachers. First of all, I'm not going to blame the teachers who were sending the modules or conducting online classes just to teach their learners because it was their job in the first place. And of course, as one of the learners, it's our responsibility to cooperate and accomplish the given tasks.

One of the time-consuming activities that I've done this week is making a scrapbook containing the information of the characters in the novel "El Filibusterismo" by our national hero, Jose Rizal. I was really having a hard time finishing this one because I don't have a printer and I'm struggling to find the pictures of every character on Google. Luckily, my friend, who is also my classmate, sent me a file containing the pictures of the characters. I was really thankful and happy at that moment because I only had to search for their contributions in the novel. I decided to send the pictures to my brother so that he can print them at their classmates houses since they are also helping each other by answering the modules that their professors have sent. After hours of making it, I was finally done, but not quite satisfied with what I made.


Time management is really important at this moment since there are so many modules and activities that need to be answered and submitted by the given deadline.

"Proud of me, and my short list of accomplishments" - Happiness by Rex Orange County


(I'm sorry if I had to cover my name, but rest assured that this certificate is originally mine)

The day of the submission has finally come, and unexpectedly, it was also our card day. Parents were only allowed to enter the campus to submit and get our report cards and certificates. Fortunately, I was still maintaining the "with high honor" place even though I was doubting myself before.

I am so proud of myself, of my classmates, and of my friends who are also on the honor roll. Even though almost everyone has high expectations of us, especially because we were in the special science program class and the subjects were really hard, and we also have additional subjects, which are chemistry and research, we still managed to meet their expectations (at least). I know most of them were not satisfied with their grades, but I always tell them to have faith in themselves, and someday they will get the grades that they dreamed of having.

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In case nobody has told you this, and even if I don't know you personally, I still want to tell you that I'm so proud of you! ❤️‍🩹🩹 I'm proud of you for having those achievements, small or big, it still matters. Honors or not, you should also be proud of yourself because you worked really hard and tried your very best just to be there. For all the students that are reading this, be easy on yourself and breathe. I know that we sometimes compare ourselves to other people, and that's okay, but not to the point where you pressure yourself too much just to have what they had. We must learn how to accept failures and disappointments because, just like everyone else, we are and will always be LEARNERS.


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Congratulations Ma'am @tvlipz02 you deserved it Ma'am. You are a great model to the young generation.

Thank you so much po!🤍

Congratulations @tvlipz02 your hardwork really paid off.

The heat is really too much in today's time. Going with the same setup when the pandemic began is much better pa rin coz in your own house you can make yourself more comfortable and hydrated. Though for sure pahirapan din sa internet if ever need mag Zooooooom, lol.

Anyways congratulations naman, i'm so proud of you din. You maintain it all and above all, you didn't forget to have fun even panandalian lang. Y'all doing great so keep goinf and fighting ᕙ(⇀‸↼‶)ᕗ!

I agree, because in today's situation, distance learning is really the best option for both students and teachers. Thank you so much! It means a lot to me💝