Alaka and the wicked magician: Answer worksheet for teachers and students.

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Yestersay, I brought you the concluding part of the story about Alaka and the wicked magician. Please click the link below for a follow up to the Comprehesion to help you understand the story properly.

Read carefully and answer the questions that questions that follows:
….“How can I free you, Mother?’’ he asked. She looked very sad. She said, ‘You must find a bird in a cage. That bird is at the end of seven mountains and seven seas. The bird is the secret of Ali’s power. If you can kill the bird Ali will have no more magic power,’’ she said. Dele walked and walked for many weeks. At last, he found the place. He went to take the cage but something happened. Guess what? A huge giant attacked him. They both fought hard, but Dele killed the giant and took the cage. When Dele arrived back at the village, he came face to face with Ali. Ali was very angry when he saw the bird in Dele’s hand, because it was the secret of his power. However, before he could do anything to free the bird, Dele strangled the bird to death. At once Ali also died, and the chains of the prisoners broke. Alake was free. She and Dele returned home. Olu ran out to greet them. He was very happy to see his wife after so many years.

a. How old was Dele when he decided to rescue his mother?
b. How did he cross the deep pit?
c. How did his mother recognize Dele?
d. Where did Alake tell Dele he would find the bird?

Answers to the comprehension

He was 18 years old
He had a birth mark.

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