Tennis Volleys - training session #19

in Education2 months ago

Worked on the tennis volleys today. Though the volleys are still quite challenging for these young people, they are improving greatly. I had to make them do some good number of shadow tennis volleys in order for them to grasp the technique.

I began off the session with some jogging. They did 15 sprints and got so exhausted. I had to make them relax a bit for some 2 minutes for their bodies to regain some energy before proceeding with more practice.

Enjoy the Video

In order to help them have more opportunities of volleying the ball back to me, I had to control the ball to them in a nice and easy way. The session became more fun as there were more consistent rallies.

The number of players has increased as many kids in my home are getting attracted to this interesting game. There are so far 2 more young people that have joined the academy. I am so excited to see that the academy is growing steadily. I believe when the lock-down is lifted, the numbers will even increase further.