ChallengeEOS App Team Curation Contest On Hive: 50,000 Hive Power Delegation

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Hello Challengers,

The ChallengeEOS App Team is organizing yet another Amazing giveaway and this time, we will be promoting mass crypto-adoption and decentralization by onboarding new members on the Hive ecosystem and also on to our Geo-specific and task challenge app. Every entry will receive a 100% Upvote from our official hive account. We are going to be Curating all contest entries so long the participant follow the simple rules:

🎯Subscribe to the ChallengeEOS Community on Hive
🎯Make a 200 word Post under the community about the ChallengeEOS App using the tag #chlnews
🎯 Make sure to share the challenge App download links and also our social media links


You are free to use other tags like telokanda, leofinance. But to get your content curated you must use #chlnews tag. We have 50k Hive power currently and each upvote will be worth $1.

Download ChallengeEOS version 7.0 :)

Android Version:

iOS Version:

Buy CHL via @newdex-io:

Join @challengedac Official Discord server here:
Telegram group:

Read more about our App here


Awesome development! ChallengeEOS App is actually the best challenge application in the world.

Opportunities are put out there just to be seen.
Let's get started.

This is huge