Download Challengeeos App And Drop Screenshot Of Username + Location For Upvotes

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Happy Sunday fam,

I wish you all a new week and a successful one at that. This week is going to be very productive as Challengeeos Team just got over 98k Hive Power which will be channeled into curation so as to support the community members who will download the app and send out challenges to other users. The Challengeeos App Version 5 was launched less than two weeks ago so if you are yet to download the app, do so as this new version comes with amazing features.

Challengeeos is an EOSIO software based mobile App used to send and receive challenges. It is a Geo-specific and time sensitive App where by a challenge sender sends a challenge to the challenge receiver to either complete a task or be at a designated location within a given time. If the challenge receiver is able to complete the task, or arrive at the location within the set time, they Unlock a Crypto reward set by the sender. The App has a native currency called CHL token which can be traded on Newdex, Okex, CoinGecko and Bitsonic exchanges. Token used to send challenges in the App are EOS, CHL, SAND, SENSE, EBTC, DAPP tokens. The Challenge Team is based in San Diego, California.

I am making this post to Connect all users of the App on Hive. To get this done, All Challengeeos App users should drop Screenshot of their username on the
App alongside their location so that fellow users can send Challenges to them.


Download the Challengeeos Version 5 App here:)
For Android Users:

For iOS Users:

Visit for more details

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I love seeing challenge and h8ve upvote posts

We need to give out accounts like a faucet for hive and telos ....also wombat we must get our telos token on wombat telos!