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Hello everyone, I hope you all are doing good despite the pandemic going on right now.

Today, I made two challenges and there has been a lot of excitement from my end as the challenge master and from the people I challenged.


I issued my first challenge for today to @stevenson7 challenging him to be at reach to the location I set. A reward of 5.0CHL token was attached to this challenge and he completed the challenge.


Congratulations @stevenson7

The second challenge I made today was to @kahlyfa. This young has been so enthusiastic and has been longing to make use of the ChallengeDac App since the day I introduced it to him.

I had to explain how receiving a challenge works before he could grab the reward. I told him that the ChallengeDac App is giving out crypto rewards and I believe he has seen it's real.
Congratulations @kahlyfa

For those of you that are yet to receive a challenge from the challenge master, follow this link, read the instructions in the post and drop your ChalengeDac App username in the comment section.

If you haven't downloaded the ChallengeDac App, follow the link below and start earning crypto rewards immediately.

For Android users;

For IOS users;

ChallengeDAC Official Accounts:


ChallengeDac YouTube:

Twitter: @ChallengeDac

Thanks for reading and stay safe!


Thank you sire

Its rather exciting as i even get to take walk down the street. Who knows, i might become the Challenge masters apprentice?😁

Lol. Congrats once again.

Good job Will! Growth in the Challenge network has been strong over the past few days! Are you getting many requests for new Challenges?
EOS, SAND, CHL land SENE tokens can all be used as Challenge prizes!:;
If people are asking for a valuable Challenge to be sent to them, say for instance a few EOS or something. The Project can provide the tokens for it! We have to make sure it is a cool Challenge if someone wants a big reward! :)

Thank you @anderson91. Right now very few are requesting for a challenge. I think the introduction of EOS, SAND, CHL land SENE token as reward will foster the rate of challenges made. Difficult challenges will surely go with big rewards.