Feedback from the June 1st Hive Power Up Day

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The June edition of the Hive Power Up Day has been "awesomesauce" (to reuse @traciyork's favorite expression) with a new breaking record in the number of participants in the PUD!

Power Up Day is more and more becoming an important moment in the life of our community and it is now setting the pace each month.

A few words from the PUD organizers


Given we're in the midst of a bear market, I was fully expecting a relatively quiet Power Up Day to finish off the first half of the year. I was more than pleasantly surprised to see that didn't seem to be the case at all. I don't think we had any record-breaking numbers, but based on the notifications on both my Hive and Twitter, I think plenty of folks are taking advantage of the low, low, sale price of Hive to do some stacking!

If we do have as much participation as I'm guessing, it will be extra awesome given that this month also marks two years since I started managing HivePUD after the initiative's creator went unexpectedly afk. I'm still holding out hope @streetstyle will some day stop by for a visit - if/when he does, I have no doubt he'll be absolutely amazed by how much his original vision has taken hold and grown since April 2019!

As always, a big THANK YOU to everyone who participated in this Power Up Day by powering up, posting, and/or shouting out on all traditional web 2.0 social media. All of those things help shine a light on the blockchain, which in turn helps to grow our community. Special thanks to @hivebuzz for always BEEing such an incredible buzz-maker for Hive Power Up Day, and for continuing to add to the blockchain fun. And here's to all the Hiveans, new and old, who continue to increase their voting power and influence on the blockchain - congratulations to you all!

What are the PUD stats for this month?

As usual, let's start first with those who choose to help others grow, the Power Up Helpers, as those are the ones who deserve the most attention.

We have 20 users who have made a power-up to another account and have thus allowed 27 people to get their PUD badge.

Special kudos to those who helped several accounts: @traciyork (3), @acgalarza (2), @oliverschmid (2), @reiseamateur (2) and @veteranforcrypto (2).

Together, the helpers gifted 411,485 HIVE!

Here is the complete list of helpers and their donations:
@traciyork (33.33), @acgalarza (20), @oliverschmid (30), @reiseamateur (22), @veteranforcrypto (21.29), @benbow2017 (10), @blackdaisyft (10), @blocktrades (37.51), @cryptochikkin (10), @jfuji (11), @kam5iz (10), @kheldar1982 (11), @koussbar (100), @littlebee4 (10), @oblivioncubed (10), @sabajfa (10), @slhp (20), @sodom-lv (10), @tanzil2024 (10), @wolf-sl (15.35).

A huge thank you to them all for their generosity! Show them some love by upvoting one of their recent posts.

The previous year, we had 166 users who helped at least one less powerful user who never got any power-up from anyone.

As you know, the Power Up Helper badge is now a yearly thing, so we have reset our counter for January 2022. Here is the list of benefactors who got the so coveted Power Up Helper badge for 2022:

Congratulations to @traciyork (11), @ahmadmanga (3), @veteranforcrypto (2), @tanzil2024 (2), @acgalarza (2), @tdctunes (2), @reiseamateur (2), @oliverschmid (2)and @ksteem (2) for helping more than 1 user.
(List by number of helpees)

This brings the number of helpers for this year to 66 users.

Remember that the number of people you are helping will significantly influence the delegation we will do to you.

Let's now take a look at how you did against the previous editions:

As mentioned at the beginning of this post, we have a new breaking record with 496 participants. That's a 12% rise compared to the previous edition and an awesome(sauce) score!

Regarding the volume of HIVE that has been powered up, we have a decent amount of 94953 HIVE powered up. The best score for the last 5 months.

Let's now look at what happened with the distribution of power-ups:

Congrats to @bala41288 (7000), @p-hive (6000), @splatts (5000), @stayoutoftherz (5000), @neoxian (4000), @justbekindtoday (3000), @poliwalt10 (2310,218), @eforucom (2128,441), @walterjay (1600), @claudio83 (1585,084), @borsengelaber (1500), @qwerrie (1400), @ace108 (1234,567), @r1s2g3 (1005), @ph1102 (1003,703), @blue.rabbit (1002,744), @fredrikaa (1000,001), @sisterhood2 (1000), @monsterrerentals (1000), @koussbar (1000), @bombus (1000), @tector (1000), @dsky (1000), @recording-box (1000) and @engrave (1000).

They powered up at least 1000 HIVE and got the Jumbo-Bee badge.

Power Up Month is underway!

Don't forget that the Power Up Month challenge now takes place every month.

If you participated in the Power Up Day, you are automatically "registered" for the PUM and can be rewarded with a delegation of Hive Power at the end of it if you pass the challenge.

See you on July 1st for the next PUD!

HiveBuzz is a project created by @arcange


Thanks for this report. Another successful Hive PUD in the books!

So great to see many more powering up.
I saw it already around me that it has been much much more this time. Talked with others about it how great it would be to crush some stats…

Very cool!
Well done all 🤩🥳💃🏻😎

Thank you, finally my first power up helper badge 🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝 up to many more…

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What a fantastic Hive Pud Day! It's amazing to see that more have participated and more HIVE have been staked. Kudos to everyone!

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great to see many more powering up.
That's is a mamy mamy potential .
Its amazing 😁

Wonderful, thanks for sharing.

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Awesomesauce!! 😃😁😁

A great PUD indeed! Power up Helper badge is the best, glad to have make it! 😁

Thank you for participating in the PUD @blackdaisyft. 💪🐝


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Congratulations! One question: can Power Up only be done on the first day of each month?

No, you can do a power up whenever you want. You can even power up everyday if you participate in the Power Up Month challenge.

There are so great stats in here. Great to see so many participating in PUD this month, maybe next month we can get some more Hive Powered Up. I know I shall try. Well done to the Helpers too, always a good thing to help others out. Well done everyone and thanks for all you do too:)

Thank you @tengolotodo

My pleasure as always :)

Hi.. How does the power-up helper works to get the badge? Is it delegating hive power to a powerless user? Sorry, I don't really know 😅. But thanks for the answer in advance 😁..

wondering the same thing...

Oi..andito ka.pla 😅

Hahhaa everywhere

The Hive Power Up Helper badge is not about delegating HP to users but powering up HIVE to them.

Read more about it in this post

Thank you..