Feedback from the November 1st Hive Power Up Day - New Turnout Record

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Woohoo, this edition of the Hive Power Up Day was an indisputable success with a new record number of participants! We told you last time that we were close to a record, without however beating it and that we are watching this edition to smash it. And it was!

Here are the results of this November edition.

A few words from the PUD organizers


Yes, the bear is still here, but it shows signs of waking up from its long hibernation (not financial advice!). In fact, I noticed today that the Hive price slowly climbed over the course of the day - of course, because I had my largest bit ever of HBD I wanted to sell for Hive to power up. I was probably the only person today whining, "Noooo! Come on, Hive price go down instead, please!"

(not really... I'd never actually wish for a dip... not out loud

And once again, my Hive & Twitter notifications were pinging like crazy (with a bit extra, as @arcange graciously agreed to host Hive Chat today). I don't want to jinx anything, since we've had a couple months in a row of record-breaking participation, but I have a sneaking suspicion November might make number three. 🙂

As always, a big THANK YOU to everyone who participated in this Power Up Day by powering up, posting, and/or shouting out on all traditional web 2.0 social media. All of those things help shine a light on the blockchain, which in turn helps to grow our community. Special thanks to @hivebuzz for always BEEing such an incredible buzz-maker for Hive Power Up Day, and for continuing to add to the blockchain fun. And here's to all the Hiveans, new and old, who continue to increase their voting power and influence on the blockchain - congratulations to you all!

What are the PUD stats for this month?

As usual, let's start first with those who choose to help others grow, the Power Up Helpers, as those are the ones who deserve the most attention.

We have 7 users who have made a power-up to another account and have thus allowed 10 people to get their PUD badge.

Special kudos to those who helped several accounts: @growandbow (2), @hispabot (1), @traciyork (2), @reiseamateur (2), @abnkkbsnplako (2), @dswigle (2) and @pinkchic (2).

Together, the helpers gifted 348 HIVE!

Here is the complete list of helpers and their donations:
@growandbow (111.78), @hispabot (72), @traciyork (22.22), @reiseamateur (22), @abnkkbsnplako (20), @dswigle (20), @pinkchic (20), @egistar (10), @iviaxpow3r (10), @kstreet (10), @merit.ahama (10), @pedrobrito2004 (10) and @yoieuqudniram (10).

A huge thank you to them all for their generosity! Show them some love by upvoting one of their recent posts.

As you know, the Power Up Helper badge is now a yearly thing, so we have reset our counter for January 2022. Here is the list of benefactors who got the so coveted Power Up Helper badge for 2022:

Congratulations to @traciyork (26), @reiseamateur (6), @dswigle (4), @digi-me (4), @hispabot (3), @richardslater (3), @jane1289 (3), @ahmadmanga (3), @abnkkbsnplako (2), @madame-cyntaia (2), @veteranforcrypto (2), @tanzil2024 (2), @acgalarza (2), @growandbow (2), @pinkchic (2), @tdctunes (2), @ifarmgirl (2), @beststart (2), @blocktrades (2), @browery (2), @brittandjosie (2), @oliverschmid (2), @ksteem (2), @silversaver888 (2), @iviaxpow3r, @koussbar, @oaaguy, @cryptochikkin, @sabajfa, @djbagman, @kam5iz, @wolf-sl, @crisch23, @franky98, @ss-rentals, @benbow2017, @dennnmarc, @slhp, @kstreet, @sodom-lv, @elyelma, @eddwood, @elevator09, @thomas4711, @coquicoin, @hamsterpoweriii, @synrg, @dizzyapple, @buffalobison, @blackdaisyft, @mightpossibly, @littlebee4, @herbacianymag, @jfuji, @kheldar1982, @holos-lotus, @blitzzzz, @frittro, @bananofarmer, @egistar, @jeffopenscards, @batshaw, @tipu, @yoieuqudniram, @blackzoda, @bandogge, @mary-me, @tengolotodo, @merit.ahama, @chacald.dcymt, @trippymane, @podping, @ahmadmangazap, @darkflame, @darmst5339, @btcsam, @andrastia, @germangenius, @arcange, @dawnoner, @flemingfarm, @hivebuzz, @oblivioncubed, @revisesociology, @pedrobrito2004, @shanibeer, @forykw, @justclickindiva, @cmplxty, @walterjay, @straykat, @iamraincrystal, @opinizeunltd, @jacobtothe and @miriannalis.
(List by number of helpees)

This brings the number of helpers for this year to 95 users.

Remember that the number of people you are helping will significantly influence the delegation we will do to you.

Let's now take a look at how you did against the previous editions:

As mentioned at the beginning of this post, we had 544 participants who powered up 62484 HIVE.
New all-time high in the number of participants. The Hive PUD is definitely a thing now.

Let's now look at what happened with the distribution of power-ups:

Congrats to @crimsonclad (5000), @stayoutoftherz (3000), @traciyork (2222,222), @julianhorack (1484), @ace108 (1234,567), @achim03 (1200), @svanbo (1163), @slhp (1000), @namelessnameless (1000), @omonomo (1000), @ph1102 (1000), @gadrian-sp (1000) and @jaster (1000).

They powered up at least 1000 HIVE and got the Jumbo-Bee badge.

Power Up Month is underway!

Don't forget that the Power Up Month challenge now takes place every month.

If you participated in the Power Up Day, you are automatically "registered" for the PUM and can be rewarded with a delegation of Hive Power at the end of it if you pass the challenge.

See you on December 1st for the next PUD!


Excellent report, @traciyork
It is good that this is happening despite the bear market.
I can only imagine what it will be like when the bull returns.

  • Thank you happy to be here as a helper

Thank you for helping others @koussbar

Awesome to see such a strong turnout! Thanks to everyone for making this happen and @traciyork for bringing the details here

Also would like to shoutout @iviaxpow3r for choosing us, the People's Guild, as his recipient for his power up helper!

Congratulations to the chosen ones

Thank you @yahli, although they haven't been chosen, they are rewarded for their efforts.

@stayoutoftherz zweitgrößter Power Up des Monats!. 💥

Ja, war mal wieder fällig :)

Wow… great stats. So many this time. It is wonderful to see more are participating 😊😎

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Thank you @littlebee4

You are welcome 👋🏻😊

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Thank you for all you do to make this happen!!!



I gifted $PIZZA slices here:
@dswigle(1/5) tipped @hivebuzz (x1)

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Thanks for the report.

Fantastic news to see records being broken and all these helpers:)

Yeah, this is absolutely awesome

Sure as fluff is!

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Yai! It worked. I'm happy about it. May the Hive Power be with yous 😎🙏🏽
Thanks Buzzy and @traciyork.

Great result indeed !!!

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Great to hear it was a record HPUD and I am taking part in HPUM right now, powering up each day and setting my posts all to 100% power up for November.

Good luck with the HPUM @nicklewis

Thanks so much for everything 🙌 I love that there was a new record!!!

Congratulations to all who supported the hive power up day. I will be part of December 1st pup. Thank you @hivebuzz for all this information.

Wow very grateful, I would like to be one of you.

woo, I did a thing. and I know some of yall. good stuff. so this is saying its now a 1nce a year badge vs per month? thats helpful. thanks