Hive Power Up Month challenge - Feedback from February day 3

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The new Hive Power Up Month has now been running for a bit more than 3 days. Let's see how things have been going so far.

For those who missed it, you can read the challenge announcement here.

Substantial start and slow decline

As usual, the Power Up Month started with a bang thanks to its Power Up Day counterpart. Indeed, no less than 789 users took part on this first day of the challenge, making all participants equally eligible for the PUM. That's 17.6% more than the previous edition!

And as usual, we have seen a major decline on the following days, but not as hard as the previous edition as we still left 134 eligible participants.

Let's see this with a graph:

If we take day 2 as a baseline of users who have signed up to PUM, we see that we have already lost 52 users in a single day.

All in all, all numbers are better than the previous edition. Let's see if it will last till the end of the challenge.

List of eligible ones

We do not like to tag a long list of users, but many participants of the previous PUM challenges requested us to do so to stay updated, so here they are:, @ackza, @actifitmayer, @alexa-macro, @alexvan, @amaari, @andrastia, @andy-plays, @ansoe, @antikus369, @antonireviewer, @arcange, @artefacus, @awah, @axel-mccornstack, @bashadow, @bdvoter.cur, @blitzzzz, @borjan, @bradleyarrow, @brianoflondon, @btcsam, @buzzgoblin, @cezary-io, @chaodietas, @charlie80, @charsdesign, @clixmoney, @coccodema, @coquicoin, @crespino, @cryptokungfu, @cursephantom, @darrenfj, @daveks, @davidthompson57, @debbie-ese, @definethedollar, @dizzyapple, @drugelis, @eddwood, @efectivida, @emeka4, @estherscott, @fairyberry, @fastchrisuk, @feanorgu,, @femcy-willcy, @forykw, @fotostef, @fullcoverbetting, @gdog0, @geneeverett, @gone-hive, @harveyword, @herbacianymag, @hive-117778, @hive-153476, @hivebuzz,, @ifarmgirl, @jacobtothe, @jang, @jbtc19warrior, @jomancub, @jomarbym, @jychbetter, @keco, @kephler, @kittycrafter, @kolbjorn, @ksteem, @kwilley, @littlebee4, @malomi, @manuvert, @mein-senf-dazu, @mengao, @methodofmad, @michelmake, @mightpossibly, @mmckinneyphoto13, @music1sound, @namelessnameless, @news-bot, @nicklewis, @orionvk, @otuyanancy, @photosnap, @pogier, @poterritory, @ppics, @python13, @ricestrela, @sagesigma, @savvyplayer, @schiba, @schibasport, @servelle, @shadowalker21, @shiftrox, @silviq93, @skylinebuds, @steem82868, @steemmillionaire, @synrg, @taskmaster4450, @tawadak24, @tdctunes, @technocrypton, @temmylade, @tengolotodo, @tferris, @thijsvermeer, @thomasthewolf, @timehacker, @traciyork, @trezzahn, @trippymane, @tsunsica, @tydynrain, @ultratrain, @urri2020, @valerianis, @vanje, @venan, @vickoly, @w74, @walkinverse, @xels, @ylich, @ynwa.andree and @yoginiofoz.

Good luck to everyone who is still in the race!

HiveBuzz is a project created by @arcange


I am excited to be still in it. Posting daily has been good for me. Sometimes I struggle with an idea, but the more often I post, the more ideas I seem to have. Today I had a thought about adding my own contest to help people stay in PUM. I don't want to take anything away from @HiveBuzz. What's the proper way to share my idea with @hivebuzz to see if what I want to do is good for PowerUpMonth?

You can contact @arcange on Discord or Telegram

Day 3 and I am still on the way. Good luck to everyone.

Me too:)

Und der Februar hat ja nur 28 Tage. Quasi jetzt schon Endspurt.:))

Ach ja da war ja was ;)

Here we go for another month!

Though - I'm going to be away for quite a bit of this month so there is a real chance I might not make it this time. Still I'm going to have a go!

You might want to have your posts scheduled daily on #PeakD or #Ecency. 🤔 If you plan to do so, don't forget to set the Author Reward to 100% Power Up! 😏

!GIF vacation


Thanks for the appreciation of my post! 😀

!GIF appreciate

Ah yeah good tip - thanks that could help a lot! Now to think of 2 and a half week's worth of posts in advance! :)


Just make sure you follow #HiveBuzz's time zone (UTC) for your daily scheduled posts! 😏

!GIF schedule

Yeah definitely - normally my timezone as well so I don't have to think about it - but while I'm away I will (lucky me!)

Do you mean that your time zone is also UTC? 🤔 That's favorable for you for participating on any #HiveBuzz timed challenges! 😏

!GIF lucky

Yes - well I'm UK so it's UTC half the year when we are on GMT!

Still in the game! Will you give an updated list of accounts every day so that the participants don't forget to power up? ;P

What’s the competition? I keep getting tagged but not sure why.

Hive power up month. The challenge announcement is linked in the post :)

Thanks 👍

I’m tagged but actually not sure what this is for. How’s this contest work?

Thanks, let's work hard for the glory of Hive!

Wonderful, thanks for the update, I did a power up very late the other day and was worried, now I got peace of mind! Thanks


You're welcome @trippymane, that's a nice move 👍😉 And don't worry, you're doing great!

Thanks a lot, really appreciated, trying my best 😎🙏

Glad to see name mentioned. I have been looking and wondering if the time am post is correct but with this update it has clarify my doubt. Thanks so much for the update

Let's all make it as it should be easier, being that it is a short month!

nice gonna have to look this up :)

Great to see I’m still on the list. Hmmmm, can I maintain this? We shall see!

Wow, am still on the list. Good luck everyone 🤗

Good luck to all!

Good luck all… we can do this 💪🏻😎

My first PUM 🐝😊

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Totally cool with being tagged, I want to know! haha I couldn't join the last challenge but I'll do my best to keep going with this one!

Thanks for the update! It's good to see that with my switch to "100% Power up", I'm still in the race. There was no reason it wouldn't work, but better be sure.
Have a great week end!


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I already made a mistake on the 2nd and 3rd, I ended up publishing in 50%/50% mode 😞

But anyway I'm going to keep trying to post every day, at the worst I get the medal for posting for a whole month \o/

Good luck to all😍

Am glad to still be on the list

Congrats @temmylade 👍🌹

Thanks so much