"By 2030 You Will All Use Crypto and Be Happy"

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Many of you have probably read or heard about the famous saying of Klaus Schwab that goes something like this: "By 2030, you will own nothing and be happy." Well, I highly disagree with this statement as I doubt the plans of the elites for world domination will come to fruition...

But this post isn't about Klaus Schwab. I've written plenty about him before, and I doubt anyone reads those articles anymore. In this one, I want to talk about why everyone will be using crypto by 2030.

Let's start with Russia. It wasn't too long ago that the ex-communist country announced its plans to create its own national cryptocurrency exchange. We are already seeing the likes of BRICS gaining traction, gradually weakening the dollar's power and hegemony in global trade.

The trend is clear: the world will no longer rely as heavily on the USD as we have for many years. It may feel like the war in Ukraine somehow sparked everything, but in reality, that might not be the case.

According to a recent report from Izvestiya, a Russian media publication, the authorities are changing their plans. Instead of creating a cryptocurrency exchange, they are now focusing on establishing a framework for the operation and establishment of crypto exchanges.

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As I have mentioned in many previous posts, Russia needs crypto. It may not like the idea of getting into it, but considering the level of exclusion it currently faces internationally, it has to find ways to trade and gain access to international financial markets while being cornered out of using the dollar.

Now, let's move on from Russia and explore why and how the majority of the world's population might switch to crypto instead of cash. In this regard, let's take a look at El Salvador. The Central American country had a significant percentage of unbanked citizens before President Bukele made Bitcoin a legal currency.

This decision opens up businesses and retail to a different type of commerce that doesn't necessarily involve the use of a traditional financial system, a system that is currently looking highly rigged and on the verge of collapsing on an international level.

Inflation is here, and it's here to stay. While it may seem like it has been tamed for a while, my gut feeling tells me that we will have to deal with inflation for many years to come. And if you can remember, there was a time when Bitcoin was advocated as a hedge against inflation.

Well, it's probably time for Bitcoin to prove that in real-world use cases. One question that might arise regarding Bitcoin and crypto as a hedge against inflation is: What do we do with the volatility and market cycles we've witnessed thus far?

To me, the answer is pretty simple, and it comes in the form of a question: Would you rather hold and use a currency that constantly devalues or try a new currency that, despite short-term volatility, has consistently appreciated against fiat currencies?

While Bitcoin is still far from its 2021 all-time high, there's a 100% chance it will surpass that in a couple of years from now, while the dollar's purchasing power will never reach the levels of the '90s or anything like that. What I'm trying to emphasize here is that, to me, crypto (not all of them, of course) is a safer bet than fiat currencies.


I know that two presidential candidates in the US are against CBDCs, and while opinions are mixed regarding the feasibility of a future where these become our everyday money, I like to believe that once people understand what programmable money means, they will turn to using crypto rather than the future's rat poison cash called CBDCs.

Then there's the tokenization of everything, a concept I've discussed in many previous posts. Financial inclusion isn't limited to a person's ability to trade using a form of currency or make payments with it.

We are living in the early stages of a digital era, and a good percentage of the world's population is earning a living through "digital content creation." Here on Hive, we are selling all sorts of digital content, but there's also OnlyFans, gaming industries, betting industries, and many others that will soon embrace crypto, in my opinion.

Crypto couldn't have come into the world at a better time, and these are just a few reasons why I believe that by 2030, many of the world's citizens will be using crypto and be happy. What do you think?

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It kind of makes sense for Russia to move into crypto in a big way. Aside from being part of a strategy of de-dollarisation, if there is one thing Russia has it's insane amounts of spare energy.

Europe prefers to buy American oil and gas at twice the price of the Russian stuff (plus they have no choice after Nordstream mysteriously blew up the day after the new US LNG pipeline opened), so Russia may make as much profit burning it into Bitcoin as selling it to India and China at discounted rates. But more importantly, with dozens of major rivers they have almost limitless potential for generating hydroelectric power. Siberia could be like a Bitcoin printing press, creating a significant economic advantage.

Funny that the Norwegian government issues the findings that a submarine rescue ship was loitering in the exact areas and was responsible for nordstream...

And Russia has only gold oil and cryptocurrency anymore. oh and 11 rounds of sanctions that are going to squeeze the last breath from the Soviet dream.

If Russia hadn't have defaulted on their debt for world war II we wouldn't be in this position. China is only been able to pay 10% of the principal loan they took out in the 40s. China is so far in debt to the United States that they will never pay it off.. that is the reason why China is forced to buy American debt.

Or do you really think that China just buys American debt for no reason.

There's an old saying. "If I owe someone £100, it's my problem. If I owe someone £1,000,000 it's their problem".

The US is massively in debt, and China holds a lot of it (although they've been de-dollarising heavily when it comes to reserve holdings). If China chose to dump all that debt onto the world markets at once, or instantly repay their debt to the US, even at a steep discount, the US economy would collapse. Yes, it would mess China up as well (and everyone else, too...) but only one of those two has an industrial base they could rebuild from. The US government appear to be so incompetent that they've forgotten this.

The USA during world war II saved the entire world. China and Russia all took loans to save themselves. Or we would be speaking German and Japanese.

The reason Russia went bankrupt in the 90s? They refused to pay the debt.

Same with China.

Taiwan paid it and is able to pay it with computer chips.

China? Is going to always be paying and that is the reason they have to buy American debt.

Guess you aren't as good at history and current events.

China can't dump American debt. Who they going to dump it to? They have to buy American debt as they can NEVER repay that loan. That's why they hate the usa.

And that's another reason the fentanyl crisis is going to destroy Chinese communism. Besides the humanitarian crisis they caused. They are going to end up owned by the world banking cartel like Russia is.

Just a matter of time until China collapses under it's mismanagement. Only Russian and china are stupid enough to try to take over the world when the world hasn't been repayed from saving them from the last world war. At this point we should have let Germany and Japan take Russia and china.

Europe is dumb

Hopefully after the next 7 years me and puppy dog will have a good enough investment that we will absolutely be happy.