HP Delegations, HiveWatchers and Witnesses

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1) Check your HivePower (HP) Delegations. Are they needed?

Loaning new users some HP is great. Loaning your HP to a whale is dangerous though. They love it when you just "set it and forget it". Taking some or all of your HP back keeps them in check AND pays you ~3% interest 💪

  • Login and check your HivePower (HP) Delegations:
    • click on the magnifying glass to take your HivePower back

2) Is HiveWatchers doing more good than harm?

Is the HiveWatchers/Spaminator downvoting crew good for Hive?

3) Which Witnesses are you voting for? Do their personal values still match your personal values?

🔥 Don't burn your vote. We love Hive. Take your power back, loan to individuals that bring value, not whale wars. Creators suffer when the whales fight each other for your Power.

Voting with your Wallet can break up monopolies. 😃


I keep close tabs on my delegations, and I recently checked my witness votes. A good reminder nonetheless.

All good advice, but the bottom line is that Hive is a plutocracy ruled by Sybil attack. Whoever has enough money to buy it, governs.

I do choose who I vote for based on that information, and other reasons of political alignment.


a plutocracy ruled by Sybil attack

Without the HP to back it up, not so much. And as people strive to buy up tokens, the price rises dramatically. Only the ninja-mined Steemit stake made such a coup feasible there.

The plutocracy have a significant preponderance of the tokens. Upstarts have joined their ranks that rose out of the bidbots, like Marky and the realwolf, but few have just bought their way in. Because they discuss amongst themselves matters of money, they arrive at mutually agreeable policies that prevent them from contesting openly over things in ways that could cost them money, certainly prudent and fiscally sound way to operate.

However, any of them at any minute could sell their accounts and bail, and sooner or later all of them will, or they'll just die holding bags. The ability to seize power in Hive is based solely on acquisition of tokens. Gaining tokens is gaining more attack power in terms of governance. The Plutocracy has the tokens, so they govern, until they sell the tokens or die, at which point someone else will govern - or governance will be in the hands of probate (not a desirable prospect, IMO).

Each token is more power to take governance, and that's all governance on Hive takes: more money. Larger stakes like freedom and adm had better be corporate operations, or the death of whomever runs them could disrupt Hive tremendously.

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The title of this post should have been YOU'RE FIRED! ;)

"Don't burn your vote". True, but why you burn your rewards?

Regarding question 2: No, they do more harm than good! They flag without prior warning, because they see some "evidence" which they also usually never explain.

Just in a fiery mood today :)

I've seen evidence of harm too, so have taken back my HP and removed my votes from most of the whales.

You can vote for me instead. I am a witness and actively curating good content, and not a whale too :)

Would love to vote for you! We're pureblood agorists though and try to only vote for Witnesses that have personal values that are somewhat aligned with our own. Feel free to join us on matrix :)

How about false reports? How about the paid snitches? How about the wrongful black list of innocent people?

We need the Blockchain police but we need more.community involvement.

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Good call to action @agorise! :)

Let me add here a couple of additional links that will make the task even easier for your readers:

  1. To check quickly everything related to your HP delegations, go here: https://www.cutehive.com/delegations.php

  2. To check for which and how many witnesses you are currently voting for and unvote/revoke your votes right away if you want, go here: https://primersion.com/witnesses

  3. For more information, instructions, and additional context on how to interpret the data and use these websites, click here and read the entire tutorial.

Cheers!! };)