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RE: COVID-19, Not a Respiratory Illness? The Link with Hypoxia and Cyanide

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Remarkable information! I absolutely don't doubt that the respirators are the issue but there is such a big echo chamber surrounding this that squeaking about it like that gets drowned out.

I absolutely love learning more of this type of information where people are trying to get to the underlying cause, not just see the surface and throw thousands of dollars of things at it. I've been thinking of it since this all started that lots of scientists truly have no idea what's causing this because the focus is purely on throwing them in a hospital and getting them in an ICU to force things upon them. With it being an underlying oxygen in the blood issue, that's something that is absolutely plausible. We can see so many dying from vents, why keep forcing that? Try to be a pioneer in developing an effective treatment! Unfortunately many just toe the line and don't want to risk anything, which I think is another cause that it's not being experimented with. The beauty of science and how it succeeds is innovation, not stagnation.


Yeah, doctors aren't mostly looking for ways to treat it, they are being robots and following procedures to over their asses. No matter the harm they do, they won't be liable for it because its procedure, Thinking for themselves is risky.