Barely half of those hospitalized WITH Covid are actually there FOR Covid!

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At least 1 in 3 people with Covid in hospitals aren't there because of it, according to Danish health officials! Since Omicron a couple months ago, a spike in cases has been used in many countries to justify increased restrictions and mandates. Covid patients are filling hospitals, we're told. Now we know; many of them are actually everyday patients who merely happened to test positive while receiving care in hospital! If hospitals are collapsing, we can't blame Covid! The official narrative isn't crumbling... it's COLLAPSING!

"Health authorities estimated 30-40% of those currently in hospital with a positive coronavirus test are there for other reasons."

This statement could be front page news, but I found it hidden near the end of a Reuters article on how Denmark just announced the end of ALL Covid restrictions and mandates.

This has been the pink elephant in the room for several weeks now. Barely half of the official numbers - which they're using to justify the entire global vaccination effort - are legitimate! People are not going to hospital BECAUSE OF Covid anywhere near as much as we're being told. A lot of people currently in hospital are infected WITH the virus. Big deal!

Here in BC, we are tearing ourselves apart to inject more people at any cost, and somehow justifying it with official numbers that show less than 10% reduction in hospitalization!

We have been told "of those in hospital with Covid, 70% are fully vaccinated", but in reality many of them aren't really Covid patients! What are the real numbers? Why will they only tell us the larger number WITH Covid, and not the smaller number being treated FOR Covid?

Because there's literally no science behind the "vaccines", and they aren't real vaccines.

If you're one of the few lining up for boosters at this point, you're beyond saving!

Even with their official numbers, we know there's ZERO positive effect of the mRNA injections. They don't stop infection, and they don't reduce symptoms. They don't keep people out of hospital or stop people from dying. And they come with huge downsides.

And now, we know the official numbers are skewed massively in favour of the injections!

We got tricked. It was always about controlling and destroying us, never about healing us. It's time to return to sanity, like they have just done in the UK, Ireland, and now Denmark.



I knew it was a lot, but 30 to 40%?? Holy shit.

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What is the benefit of a vaccine that does not stop covid-19 infection and does not reduce its symptoms? Totally useless vaccine

Total bombshell.
This needs to be on all the alternative media IMMEDIATELY!
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