Trudeau calls for division and hatred of Freedom Convoy but Canadians unite

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▶️ Jan 31 2022 - Today, prime minister Justin Trudeau publicly incited hatred of Canadians who oppose medical apartheid, specifically calling for isolation and mistreatment of the trucking convoy and its supporters, who are protesting injection mandates in Ottawa. Here are some of the dumber things he said, along with some of my own recent footage of the convoy and associated support. Most of Canada isn't eating the hate these globalists are serving up. Mandate freedom!

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Trudeau...stfu! Totally out of touch with reality!
Awesome how you cut the video @drutter 😉
1 Love to the people & the Freedom Convoys...worldwide!😜

Yeah that Turdeau ("eau" is French for water... so he's a poop-water!) does not have the respect of the people anymore. He betrayed us over and over, lied to us, sided with globalist powers, and now calls free Canadians lowers, degenerates, racists, bigots, and says they should not be tolerated. What a loser!

Word! F.. all the "Globalists", bunch of you said.😉
The people are winning!Let's stay on it...✌️

@hempy(1/1) gave you LUV. H-E tools | connect | <><

Trudeau is a laughing stock and our Media monopoly.

Yeah and he's calling anyone who opposes his injection mandates "antisemitic, Islamophobic, anti-Black, racist, homophobic, and transphobic".... hard to believe that's a direct quote. What an embarrassing mess.

As far as I know, there were only 2 inappropriate signs/flags at the entire convoy and protest.... a nazi flag and a confederate flag. The people holding them were told to get lost by other protesters, from what I heard. And somebody peed near a statue, or something. Really not a big deal, especially considering hundreds of thousands of attendees.
I bet the 2 bad flags were actually paid to be there.
Nothing but peace, love, freedom, and unity everywhere I look! Goooo truckers!! <3

no to hate and violence, more freedom of expression!!

Marches are so fun! That protest (and march) was more lively than a lot of Vancouver protests we've been to. I'm happy to be at this protest scene, just when I thought we were putting that to rest moving out of the city, haha. It was nice to see all the true patriots standing on guard. I never feel like it's fitting to fly Canadian flags (made in China) on Canada Day, but now it finally feels appropriate and like our Canadian-ness is manifesting for the first time in a long time. !LUV Wish I could have gone :)

!LUV the juxtaposition! ;) What a turd our Prime Minister is...what a pathetic grasping at straws.

Supporters of freedom were more enthusiastic and full of excitement The video was awesome

Can't expect less from this degenerate people. They won't stop easily, some of them like australia prime minister does cocaine before talking to the press. That's why we need to get organized and I think #matrix8 might be the best way to do it fast.


I don't even think I've heard of it.
That Oz prime minister is a piece of work.

You mean matrix8 or the cocaine part xD?

I have no experience with matrix8 as far as I know. Same thing for the cocaine! More of a green guy myself :p

Time for Canadian to stand up on what they truly believe


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What is black and white and red all over?
A penguin with a sunburn.

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