Peaceful and legal protest is being stifled in Canada - Freedom Convoy was just one example

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Justin Trudeau (and his witch-deputy Chrystia Freeland) defeated the truckers in Ottawa using martial law and financial terrorism, despite the entire 3 week protest being peaceful, legal, and well within our rights as Canadians. It was an act of evil, and a crime against humanity. The will of the people is not being considered, or even heard. Now, any associated convoy or rally is being targeted for disruption by media, police, government, and "counter-protesters" (ie: saboteurs). Under the guise of providing "safety for the community", trucks are being stopped, flags and signs are being confiscated, organizers are being jailed without due process, routes are being blocked, and politicians are even passing anti-honking laws! Anything to slow the return of Liberty, in the formerly true North strong and free!

Saturday, police in Victoria (BC's capital city) restricted access to parts of town, in a bid to disrupt freedom rallies and convoys. This is illegal, disruptive, and potentially unsafe. The reasons they give for these drastic actions? "Police said related protests in other cities have seen escalations." Other cities? What escalations? How is that justification for removing the rights of peaceful law-abiding citizens on the streets of Victoria?

Victoria police admit they used the "smaller, weekly legislature protest against Covid mandates to try out some new measures".

Why are new measures needed? Answer that, anyone! What threat do peaceful and legal protesters pose to legitimate government or police? Why do new laws and new powers and new measures need to be enacted against Freedom Convoy, and the general freedom movement rising in Canada? Why threat do freedom and individual Liberty pose to the current sitting government of Canada?

Is it any wonder, the Liberal government (and their lapdogs in the corporate media) now claim "freedom" is a dirty word? And that those who want to retain their rights are extremists? And that Canadian flags are a sign of racism, intolerance, and hatred? Absolutely sick. To make freedom itself into the enemy!? That is something only psychopaths would think of doing, but we are at that point.

@FreedomConvoy says it's not over, and they're right. But how do we go on, when even our legal protest actions are stifled and countered - unsafely and illegally - by the government we are protesting against?

"It is a tool that’s in place and will be in place for as long as is necessary for us to keep the public safe," said the police.

How nice they can give themselves "tools" whenever they decide they need them, and for whatever reason. To keep the public safe? From what, the horns blaring during the protest? If they violate noise bylaws, issue tickets! This is a nation of laws, so let's abide by them. Sure, hand out parking tickets, issue noise infractions, observe the laws! But now politicians are making up new laws, just because our strategy is successful, and they have no legitimate recourse. That's just shows us that they're weak, and we're strong. All they can do is cheat!? Canada is now openly under tyranny.

Peace has been the way this far, and it is the only way forward. And thus far, other than parking tickets, we have kept this legal. But if legal protest is not permitted... what is logically going to happen?


For some inspiration, watch this incredible Freedom Convoy tribute video, with music by Summit Sounds. It's got some of the best clips of the convoy and protests, and the original song is beautiful.

The marches, rallies, and convoys will continue. We will be seen and heard. There will be many of us, and the protests may disrupt traffic or other regular operations. This is our right as peaceful and law-abiding citizens of Canada! Charge us with any crimes we are committing, but otherwise, please either protect our right to protest, or get out of the way!

Blocking roads and neighborhoods to disrupt these convoys and protests is futile, on top of being illegal and unsafe. How is that really going to stop anything? Will these passionate people, driven by a love for their country and families, suddenly just decide to stop, because of a few (literal) roadblocks? Of course not. And anti-honking laws just make the roads less safe, because horns to have legitimate uses. All these actions are just the petty tactics of a desperate bully.

The convoys and rallies will continue until freedom improves in Canada! End all Covid mandates NOW!



"Police said related protests in other cities have seen escalations." Hmmm, related people in other cities, ie police officers, have also done some bad things. Does that mean we should not listen to these police officers? Related people, ie politicians, in other countries have made some bad laws, so maybe we shouldn't obey the laws enacted by politicians here! You're right. Complete nonsense.

I'm not Canadian, and I have not listened closely to your anthem before. Sounds like a great country! Hoping you get it back and never again let authoritarian narcicists take control!

Agreed, nicely said. Good point about individual police doing bad/illegal things. If we can't paint them all with the same brush, why can they paint us the same brush?

It ends the mandates, or else it get the horn again! And believe me, we're horny! ;)

That 14 minute song in the tribute video is amazing! Wow, that artist must have really been inspired by what's been happening, to create such a moving piece with their talents.