Discharging military for refusing vaccine... Have any of you considered they might use a DRAFT to force vaccinate people?

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I keep reading about Seal Team members discharged for refusing the so-called "vaccines" that are not vaccines. I then read about the same for the Air Force, Marines, and the Navy. At the same time they are doing things that likely will lead to war.


Get rid of trained military for making a choice about their own body and choosing not to take substances which do not act like a vaccine or confer the properties previously required to fit that definition.

Then speak and prod the Russians, the Chinese, and anyone else we can think of.

Yes, it seems really stupid. Yet that describes everything those in power are doing IF you frame the narrative as though they care about the United States and it's people. If you stop framing it that way then their actions might suddenly no longer seem stupid.

I thought of something a few minutes ago. We know they are requiring vaccines to remain in the military.

If they start a war how much do you want to bet they reinstitute the draft?

Do you think they will let drafted people refuse these fake vaccines?

I highly doubt it.

It'd be a great way to force a lot more people to take these products against their will.

Death of freedom is the goal. Not just here in the United States. This is a power move and a lot of unknowing dupes support the cause just like they have in the past. They somehow think by pushing for Socialist, Communist, Marxist, and/or Maoist take over they will make the world better for people. All they are doing is being pawns of these evil sick tyrants who will have an uncontested rule and those ignorant dupes they suckered into supporting their actions will have far less freedom and power than they have had up to that point. They'll be standing in the shackles by the rest of us. The only difference will be the shackles on us will have been put on us by them and they will not have been paying attention to their neighbor also fastening the same shackles around them.

We will all be equal they think... sure if you call slavery being equal. We are all equally enslaved? How's that for equity?

Of course that will not be true either as there will still be those in charge that live as kings, queens, and masters.

Draft + Vaccine Mandate = Possible looming Future


If you follow what DARPA is doing, you'll realize that it won't be long before the military will need very few humans to field military assets. I don't think a draft will be necessary. Semper Fi.

They wouldn't do it because it would be necessary. They would do it as another way to force vaccinate. They are kicking people out of the military that refuse to vaccinate yet if you are DRAFTED then you are forced into the military and thus could be force vaccinated.