Do you think the establishment is hoping to provoke something like a January 6th before the midterms?

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There is a growing number of people reporting that the establishment (aka deep state, shadow government, swamp, elites, etc.) are trying to provoke violence and an uprising. We witnessed first hand what a boon the January 6th events ended up being for the Democrats. It gave them exactly what they wanted.


There is growing concern that they are attempting to provoke something they can use as an excuse related to the midterms.

They need something...

The country has been in freefall with stupid policy, and stupid action one after another by the government. They keep doubling down on the stupid.

Everyone feels it and is directly impacted in their lives. There are still many who tune in to their daily network news programming that are in denial, but everyone feels it.

Though as I've said before. It is only stupid if we think their goal is to govern the country well and represent the people.

If their goal is perhaps instead to crash this government and many others as an excuse to suggest a world government can rush in and save the day then what they are doing would not be considered stupid at all.

I personally think that is exactly what has been going on. I've been talking about it and the Hegelian Dialectic for a number of years now. It seems more blatant and obvious every day.

We all need to prepare, yet we also need to keep our emotions in check and NOT give them what they want.

Now some of you may think a global government doesn't sound too bad. Right now if that happened it would likely be the United Nations or something like that which was "promoted" to that role...

Let me ask a question I've asked before but you may not have heard...

"Have you ever voted for anyone to represent you on the United Nations?"

It is rhetorical. I know you haven't. They are not elected, they are selected and appointed.

If the United Nations became the global government you would have an unelected group Oligarchs/Plutocrats running things.

This is the Neo-Feudalism some people talk about. This is authoritarian and this is tyrannical.

The truth of the matter is that the United Nations and numerous other entities that are unelected have been exerting far too much influence on the world for some time.

The concept of a United Nations is a good one. The version we have is an authoritarian nightmare.

If they had a way for people to elect whom represented them on that board, and a way to quickly remove them if they fail to represent then it might be a step in the right direction.

That is not what we have. It is not what they are suggesting when they talk of global governance. It is not what is meant by "New World Order".

What you see, if you happen to pay attention, is what we've got.

It isn't good.

Watch for them to provoke. When it succeeds, which is possible watch for what they are distracting from. Watch what they use it as an excuse for.

They must not be allowed to steal, and obfuscate based upon a provocation.

Unfortunately it has been working for them up to this point.

Don't fall for it.


It’s all RIGGED beyond imagination: Deep state pushing for “blood in the streets” across America before Halloween – DON’T FALL FOR IT


This theory is reinforced by Biden's recent goading .

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